Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Skinfood Good Afternoon Honey Black Tea BB cream REVIEW + SWATCH

I've been running out of the current BB cream I'm using and so I decided to purchase a couple cheapies to try out.

The first is Skinfood's Good Afternoon Honey Black Tea BB cream in Shade no. 1 Light Beige:
(Phew what a title!)

What it promises: "A long-lasting bb cream that helps maintain bright morning skin throughout the day without darkening or smudging (...) that keeps skin soft and supple."

First of all the packaging is SUPER cute! I love natural tones in everything and the cute honey bees on the packaging make me feel so happy. I also like the cardboard box it comes in, as it further eludes to Skinfood's natural approach.

The packaging itself is TINY! Only 30g of product. The product itself is fairly cheap though online compared to other bb creams and it's not like you're supposed to use a lot anyways! So this could be a good value.

I've seen other swatches for Skinfood and found them to be pretty dark on my fair skin. This however, seems to be okay for the most part! Definitely beige, but not grey like other BB creams tend to look at first.

The coverage for this BB cream is SUPER LIGHT. Almost no coverage save for lightening my lighter freckles and doing well to conceal my pores. This is definitely something you may want to use as a primer for other products rather than using just this. This will probably not completely conceal blemishes and certainly doesn't conceal darker spots like the ones on my cheeks.
I think it provides a nice, natural canvas for the rest of your makeup. On school days I'll likely just use this and powder, but for cosplay or for photos I'll definitely need some more.

The finish of this bb cream is DEWY. People with oily skin may not like it, and I certainly am not crazy about the glowy look, but this is the finish most bb creams come in.

At first you may feel like there is a slight tackiness when you first apply it but that quickly goes away. What is left is the SOFTEST SKIN EVER. Like, I'm talking BABY SOFT here. And this last at least the whole day for me.

There is a definite scent to this product. I don't really know how to describe it; perhaps a black tea leaf scent somewhat? I don't notice it when I'm wearing it, but if you're really sensitive to scents you may want to be careful.

OVERALL I'd give this maybe a 3.5/5. It doesn't really cover anything, covers pores well, leaves me with uber soft skin and comes in a nice package for a decent price. It's cheap and easy peasy to apply as there's no real change in colour as far as I can see. SPF 20 PA+ is always a good thing no matter what time of year, especially for my fair skin.

So depending on your needs, you may want to bypass this one or use this as a no fuss school bb cream if you don't have issues with your skin.

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