Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Thoughts On: My Spirituality

So! I don't think I've ever mentioned this before, but I'm a fairly spiritual person. I find most people who I talk to only hold Christianity (and the rest of those divisions) and not really believing in anything to be the only two topics in the subject. All the time I hear about Christianity in my English classes, which is perfectly reasonable since that particular religion has had a grasp on the Western world for so long. Anyways, I wanted to touch on the topic in order to share a more personal portion of who I am. Perhaps I'll also enlighten you to look on another aspect of your life. Should I even mention that I don't mean to 'convert' anyone, or 'offend' anyone? I believe us all to be reasonable people here!

I searched the word online:

pa·gan (noun)

1. of a people or community observing a polytheistic religion, as the ancient Romans and Greeks.
2.a person who is not a Christian, Jew, or Muslim.
3.an irreligious or hedonistic person.

When I saw this I laughed. For some reason, I can imagine this word can exist in this sense. And while I fit into both numbers 1) and 2), I don't really pay attention to number 3). Furthermore, it's crazy to just group all of us into one general catagory!

For instance, I believe myself to be someone who shares a certain connection with the natural world. I believe I have the most ties with Druidism mostly (although that was nearly wiped out, so actual little evidence remains). In order to paint a better picture, you may see similarities with Wicca, although Druids don't cast 'spells' perse. They actually share many of the same Gods and Goddesses. They worship the coming and goings of seasons as highly spiritual points in the year (the solstices and equinoxes), as well as many symbolic animals and elements. People have called me tree-huger and 'Mother Earth' throughout high school because I openly expressed my love for this world. I don't mind though, since that's exactly what I'm doing I guess lol.

It's funny though, since my grandparents weren't very religious, my dad doesn't really follow anything either. However, I feel like my mom might have influenced me slightly... Anyways, I guess it's good that I made my own choice about the world.. rather than someone being sucked into something by their parents.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

birthdays all around!

Hi everyone! Another daily post for you!

So this weekend was a little busy because it was both my mom's and dad's birthdays! Sorry that there aren't many pictures

On Friday, my dad and nana came to pick me up from school. Dad insisted that we take a picture in front of the manor at my school before the leaves fall off the trees in autumn. I have classes in there sometimes, and I've heard that it was in the first X-men movie (as the front of Prof X's academy I think? I have yet to check lol Photobucket). The campus in general has been featured in many TV dramas..

Afterwards we went to a restaurant down the street, had a cup of tea and chatted with nana who I haven't seen in a while.. it was nice!

Then we ran some errands after driving nana home and took my dog Bosley out for a long walk.. I swear if my dog turned into a man I would marry him..! Is that weird? LOLPhotobucket

Saturday was uneventful.. marathoned some Doctor Who with my mom who I've recently converted (ohohoho~!). I'm making her watch season 5 so she stops asking questions when we watch the newest season together lol

Today (Sunday) was my mom's birthday! (Also the 9/11 tragedy in America..) She was really cute because she couldn't wait until night to have her cake!Photobucket (Do you have your cake at night too?? It seems right to have it after dinner haha) Uhmm, we exchanged presents and I left to go back to residence. It's expensive to be traveling back and forth too often.. so I'm afraid I won't be able to make the trip often if my parents aren't able to drive me.. (to be honest, I'm fine here as well.. I'm saying in case of doctor appointments like the one I have in a couple of weeks).

We were all in Sunday clothes.. haha..
It's also tradition for us to make a wish not only when blowing the candle out, but also when making the first cut in the cake! Do you do this as well? Maybe it's my parents' desire for more wishes lol

I ate too much, my stomach hurt afterward ;A;

Until next time!

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Tips for post-secondary students!

Hey everyone, while I'm finishing up my first week of classes, I thought about sharing some tips with some of you who might be buying books for college/university this year!

(If there are some websites you've found helpful, or any other tips you've found useful, please share it with us below in the comments section!)

--- ♥ ---

So here's my quick guide to getting the most out of your bank account when shopping for textbooks:
  • Keep an eye out for student flyers.
Older students who have taken the compulsory courses you're taking might have books you need! Also, it's easier to negotiate the price with them, since they're likely to want to get rid of the book very badly. (For instance, see if you can get some money off by noticing some highlighting or if the cover is in poor shape) Look in your residence lobby, cafeteria, and other message boards for these flyers!
  • In your school book store, try to buy used first.
In many cases, the used books are up to 30% cheaper than cover price! Also, I've found that some used books look just as good as the new books... score!
  • Wait until your first class before buying books.
In my experience, the first class of any course I've taken is just an introductory class. They won't expect you to have read even a chapter of the book, so why not hold off until buying your books? I say this because the prof might have changed a textbook (say an old edition to the latest). This will save you the hassle of returning books you don't need.
  • If you already own the book, but it's not the same publisher, ask the prof for advice.
You may find that (for example) in your English Literature class, the prof has asked you to buy Frankenstein as part of the course material. Luckily, your sister has a copy but it's not by the same publishing company. Instead of buying a new copy, try and ask your prof if the one you already have would be sufficient for the course. More than likely, the prof won't care.. just make sure you aren't missing anything too critical in the recommended edition! (example, the 1818 edition of Frankenstein versus the non 1818 version)
  • Does your bookstore allow you to rent books?
I've heard some bookstores do... ask the cashier, or keep your eye open for signs. You can even try going to their website.

--- ♥ ---

All-in-all I hoped this helped a little! Buying used books is great, especially if it's an elective or general course you're forced to take in order to fulfill a degree requirement. If it's a subject you don't care much about, then why buy new??

For instance, my 'The Riverside Chaucer' book (a collection of his works) costs $142.95 when bought new. I got it for $107.25 when bought used and I can't tell the difference between the used and new book other than the 'USED' sticker on the spine!

While it may not seem much at first, a little savings can go a long way when you also need to save for transportation (visiting the fam for Christmas?) or perhaps getting out of your dorm to see a movie with friends every once in a while!

Until next time!

Saturday, 3 September 2011

UGH this sucks.. and more!

SO! First daily post in a while... let's go! Photobucket

Okay so I moved in to residence (no pics cause I've already blogged about this, but expect a live stream with Sachie and me sometime this week!Photobucket I was really excited because I know many of the people on my floor, and I just generally feel more confident because I've done this all before. (I revel in thinking that I'm a sempai now ohoho;;) I forgot a couple things at home, but it's all good because I'm going home next weekend for my mom and dad's birthdays! So I can pick them up then!

I spent last night just settling in and decorating my room.. getting to know my neighbors and such... but today I had a goal!Photobucket

And for some reason whenever I'm feeling good about the day, life needs to throw obstacles at me...Photobucket

So here were my goals for today:
  1. Take the subway down to Eglington and apply to Indigo (a bookstore I've been dying to work at for years but never had the drive to apply)
  2. Buy new headphones (on the way to the subway there's my school bookstore, where I saw some nice ones yesterday)
  3. Get a gym membership
  4. Apply to the Shoppers Drug Mart down the street.
And here are the results!
  1. Indigo needed an online application (therefore wasted 6 dollars to transit); Applied to Smart Set to make myself feel better (and I like their clothes anyways >3>;;)
  2. Bookstore was closed = no ear buds (BUT! I bought some earphones off eBay last night! The muffs kind >:D)
  3. Gym office was closed... can't get one till Tuesday (AND THE PRICE WENT UP FROM 7$ TO 15$?! WTF!) = getting fat this week huhuhuhu ;A;
  4. Didn't have enough money to take the bus to Shoppers = can't apply till next week
So I just wasted 2.5 hrs running around, with no real results. Also, I don't think Smart Set's gonna call me back... they didn't look very pleased. UGH

new haircut? like?Photobucket it's a little messy!

Also I went shopping! Got some shoes... I'm posting them here: My Closet

Until next time!

Thursday, 1 September 2011


Hi everyone! (Blogger changed their layout.. I'm trying it out---sooooo weiiiird!)
This is a scheduled post because I'm moving in to residence! Anyways..........

I got my photoshoot pictures from the lovely Thomas Truong..Photobucket This was only my 2nd private photoshoot, so I was very excited! (My last one was with Stillvisions)

After spending a lovely 2 hours with my cosplay group (OH GAWD I'M SO SORRY----) Tom, Jean, Jessica and I headed out to some train tracks near the convention site. We originally wanted to go down to the harbour front, however the handles on my arms were falling off so we tried to make do. Photobucket We caught the setting sun though! I was really happy...Photobucket Although a little nervous since Jean and Jess were behind us hanging out... lol.


 Haha, I like this one with Jean a lot ;w;♥ She looks good in every picture!

Anyways, so those were the photoshoot pics I liked the best! I'll be uploading more of the group pictures to my Coscom account. If you have a Cure account, though, then add me! I like connecting with cosplayers :D

Until next time!