Monday, 27 August 2012

ROM with the family

Hi everyone! A daily post for you today!

Recently I went to the ROM in Toronto with my family to see the new dinosaur exhibit! I took my camera with me in case there were good photo opportunities although I accidentally lost them all afterwards haha;;

The dino exhibit was really dark, so it was hard to take proper photos, but they had some interesting lighting that I wanted to take advantage of! Overall, they were really impressive! From tiny ones to the large ones.. they were all different shapes and sizes! It was neat being so close to them too... you were close enough to touch (although you really shouldn't)!

After we walked through the other, regular, exhibits.. like China, Japan, Mammals and things like that! I think I like the animal ones the most, although I felt uneasy since I imagine they were stuffed :< I really love animals haha;;

I also visited the Egyptian exhibit (I remember this from when I was a little kid) and had the same creepy feeling as I did then. I didn't take photos for this one as there were actual mummies in there and it felt disrespectful. :/ I've never liked that one...

We also visited the gift shop and I made the BEST PURCHASE EVER! It's a dinosaur hat (I wore it to FanExpo)!!

I had a lot of fun that day.. I kept creeping my brother since he's cute when he makes weird faces XD;;

Sunday, 26 August 2012



1st: Zackery Wright
2nd: Alice (who contacted through Facebook)
3rd: Vallon E.

I hope everyone enjoys their prizes! I will contact you through the email you provided and will ship your gifts sometime this week!

Sunday, 12 August 2012


I mentioned on my Facebook page recently that I would be holding a giveaway once I hit 200 likes! Not only that, but I have also almost broken 24 000 pageviews on my blog and we're almost at 200 followers on Twitter as well!! WOW! I can't express my surprise and gratitude enough! To think that people might be interested in what I say or do is such a warm feeling. I felt I had to give something back!

So here are the prizes you will win!

1st: Evangelion Sweet Witches Figure (Complete figure)
2nd: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Petite Nendroid
3rd: Mini Pink Sailor Arpakasso (scarf removable)

To enter
  1. You MUST leave a comment on this post with your name and an email address that I can reach you with.
  2. You MUST follow my blog via Google Friend Connect (the sign up button is on the right).
  • LIKE my Facebook page
  • FOLLOW me on Twitter
  • RETWEET my post on Twitter (retweets of others posts do not count, this you can do more than once!)
  • REBLOG this contest photo on my Tumblr!
The winners will be chosen:
August 26th, 2012 at 1 PM EST


Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Elsie (The World God Only Knows) 1/8 Figure

Hi everyone! Every time I go to a con I usually pick up a figure. This time it's the super adorable and ditzy Elsie from The World God Only Knows!

I feel like her playful spirit really shows through with this figure! It also showcases her ditzy character as she is playing around with the bottle that will contain all the spirits they need to catch! She's obviously very carefree and naive.

Her raiment was very stressful to put on her. At first I was trying to set it on her backwards! I'm lucky to have not done any major damage, but I feel like it was really risky business trying to put her together. As you can see, the raiment is very close to her neck.. so it's a tight squeeze! Her broom must also weave through the raiment and into her hand.

The end result is very worth the stress though! Her slanted posture and flowing raiment really make her look weightless as if she's flying in the air!

The bottle she sits on is translucent as well which I thought to be a nice touch. It's made of a stiff plastic, so be careful during assembly as you might dent or puncture it!

Overall I think this is a gorgeous figure that I'm more than happy to add to my growing collection! I'm starting to run out of shelf space! :D

Monday, 6 August 2012

Otakon Con Report Day 3: Sunday

Last day of the convention!! ;A;
I cosplayed Synchronicity again because it was something I was very proud of! My first fully made cosplay where most of the work was done by myself. With STR I had a lot of help with the arms (with sanding for example), but with Synchro I did all the pleating, sewing, etc. by myself! Genie still helped me with drafting though which I'm super thankful for!

I can't wait for the day when I can fully make a costume by myself.. victory will taste so sweet!

Sunday might've been the most chill out of all the days! The con practically ended at 2pm so we spent the rest of our time walking around and eating by the harbor. Packing also soaked up most of our time as well.. I basically hung around with Sachie and the tumblr-famous Mako (I joke of course) for the rest of our hours. I didn't eve wear lenses again orz;;

With the last of my money I bought a Morico t-shirt and a cuff-linked earring from another artist alley vendor! I feel super badass when I where the earring though haha!

I didn't get back home until 2 or 3 PM on Monday.. I simply passed out on the bus out of exhaustion from the weekend. Snoring passengers or not lol XD

Overall I loved going to Otakon so much! It was such a great experience, but I feel it'll be hard for me to go again because everything worked out so nicely this time.. my hope is to one day go to Anime Expo in LA! Next year I'll have to budget.. but maybe I can squeeze a cosplay event here and there...?

So where does this leave me now? Well... I did happen to maybe pick up some things that I might be giving away to you guys... maybe....! ;)
Stay tuned!

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Otakon Con Report Day 2: Saturday

Saturday I wore Senjougahara Hitagi from Bakemonogatari. I was surprised that so many people recognized the character, as I has the impression that no one really cared at AN this year orz;; Actually, there were a couple Hitagis that wanted to take a photo with me!

(Sachie has perfected her photobombing skills over the years of course;;)
To be honest, Saturday was pretty chill compared to Friday. I didn't wear circle lenses as they were still stinging from the day before. I wanted to give my eyes a much needed break. We took our time going around, met up with Anna Fischer again for another sweet photoshoot (thank you so much!) and got to see a super awesome magic show! He was really good at tricking us and I think we got some footage too!

We also met up with Dejavudea, CourtoonXIII and Solo again for a meetup! I was expecting anyone to recognize us as Moetron, however we did have a couple visitors! Thank you so much for having the courage to say something! It makes me so happy!! We filmed a couple funny shots with MLZ Studios before having more photoshoots.

We are at 1:45!

Like I said, Saturday was pretty chill.. it's sad that Courtoon and Solo had to leave the con early to catch their flight though! I would have liked to have hung out a little longer..! Next time :<

As always, there will be more photos up on my Facebook page !
And more videos up on our MOETRONcos YT!

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Otakon Con Report Day 1: Friday

Friday was probably our busiest day surprisingly! We had two cosplays planned; Synchronicity and Matryoshka! I've never planned two cosplays in a day before.. it felt pretty fancy! (I usually only have maybe two cosplays with me for a weekend just because I'm not made of money ohoho)

Matryoshka was a decision made, literally, four days before leaving. Luckily it wasn't so difficult and we got SUPER lucky at Value Village! I also had some things I could use in my closet, I just wish my old old old Miku wig was nicer. I'm seriously considering getting a new one because Miku seems to crop up every once in a while with me.. bah.

So we changed into Synchronicity (I was Rin, Sachie was Meiko) and then I went down early to help Genie set up in the artist alley. I tried out a different eyeliner technique that I think really made my eyes pop!

We basically bummed around the convention most of the day, although I bought an AWESOME Elsie figure in the dealer's room! Otakon's dealer's room is gigantic! Waaaaay bigger than what I've seen at Canadian conventions! I was so happy to see a greater variety of figures there too, as I feel there are so many repeats with vendors at Canadian events. I think I got one of the only Elsie figures there too, as I didn't see any others around huhu!!

WE ALSO HAD PHOTOSHOOTS WITH ANNA FISCHER!! So cooool~~ I felt pretty shy while meeting her, but she was really sweet with us! I felt so pretty while shooting with her too haha~~ I hope I get to see her again in the future since her and Phil are great people and work lovely as a team!

While back in the dealer's room we also bumped into CourtoonXIII and Solo-dono! :D I had seen their pictures online, and Courtoon's videos before so it was really exciting to get to know them over the course of the convention! We set a time to meetup and then headed back to change into Matryoshka.

The Matryoshka shoot has mixed feelings for me! On the one side I was SO PSYCHED because of the super cute girls I was shooting with! On the other hand, I had been nearing the 9 hour mark with my lenses and they were starting to really bug me! Halfway through the shoot my vision became so blurry that I couldn't really see much of anything and had to take them out. Because I kept mentioning it too I was worried that Courtoon and Solo would get a negative impression of me as well! Luckily they're such sweet ladies and (hopefully) didn't think much of it..!

(CourtoonXIII decided to take a walk at this moment :<)
We then had another photoshoot with a different photographer after Courtoon finished her business with Ackson and Dejavudea. I think that song is stuck in my head now. We took some more silly photos and then said our goodbyes for the day!

I can't remember much else.. but I feel this covers most (if not all!) of the day's major events. Like I said, this was our busiest day I feel!!

There'll be more photos available on my Facebook page eventually!

There's some videos up on our YouTube channel recapping Friday's events:

Friday, 3 August 2012

Otakon 2012 Con Report Day 0: Thursday

FINALLY MY FIRST AMERICAN CONVENTION! (I can taste the freedom lol)

I've never had the luxury of travelling too much, and I've never gone without family accompanying me before.. I felt so happy being able to chill with Sachie and Genie for the weekend! It was a very cool experience.

The week before was super hectic! I was spending every Sunday over at Genie's working on cosplay right up until the week of the convention! We even got dragged into a Matryoshika Vocaloid group with CourtoonXIII and Solo-dono (which is totally fine! It was a little stressful though! HAHA) I'm really proud of Synchronicity, as you guys know that I'm kind of tentative when it comes to my skills in making cosplay.. I'm happy it turned out well!

We left for Baltimore super late Wednesday night via Megabus (which is like Greyhound, and other bus coaches like that). In total it was about an 11 hour ride.. not fun haha. The people traveling with us made it a much better experience though!

I was so tired when we arrived in Baltimore Thursday.. to be honest I don't remember it much.. we took a taxi to the hotel (seeing the 'real' Baltimore was an... experience) and got our badges. We pre-registered and the lines moved really quickly! I was impressed with how organized things were.. compared to our Canadian cons of course. Genie set me up with an artist alley badge, which was awesome of her, so I helped her set up the next day.

I officially met MeltingMirror as well that day, which was nice as she is a fellow Canadian. She worked the Crunchyroll panel as a special guest along with Sachie that weekend.

We also decided to do a test run of our Matryoshika cosplays that night! I took most of the photos, although Sachie and Genie had a go at the camera as well. I always love our shoots because we're not afraid to give each other direction. We took some outside and then went inside for better lighting.. we wanted to go for a semi-creepy, moe look I think...

Some photos:

We had a lot of fun :9
You can see more photos on my Facebook page (eventually)
Other than that we basically touched base and caught up on sleep that night!