Friday, 3 August 2012

Otakon 2012 Con Report Day 0: Thursday

FINALLY MY FIRST AMERICAN CONVENTION! (I can taste the freedom lol)

I've never had the luxury of travelling too much, and I've never gone without family accompanying me before.. I felt so happy being able to chill with Sachie and Genie for the weekend! It was a very cool experience.

The week before was super hectic! I was spending every Sunday over at Genie's working on cosplay right up until the week of the convention! We even got dragged into a Matryoshika Vocaloid group with CourtoonXIII and Solo-dono (which is totally fine! It was a little stressful though! HAHA) I'm really proud of Synchronicity, as you guys know that I'm kind of tentative when it comes to my skills in making cosplay.. I'm happy it turned out well!

We left for Baltimore super late Wednesday night via Megabus (which is like Greyhound, and other bus coaches like that). In total it was about an 11 hour ride.. not fun haha. The people traveling with us made it a much better experience though!

I was so tired when we arrived in Baltimore Thursday.. to be honest I don't remember it much.. we took a taxi to the hotel (seeing the 'real' Baltimore was an... experience) and got our badges. We pre-registered and the lines moved really quickly! I was impressed with how organized things were.. compared to our Canadian cons of course. Genie set me up with an artist alley badge, which was awesome of her, so I helped her set up the next day.

I officially met MeltingMirror as well that day, which was nice as she is a fellow Canadian. She worked the Crunchyroll panel as a special guest along with Sachie that weekend.

We also decided to do a test run of our Matryoshika cosplays that night! I took most of the photos, although Sachie and Genie had a go at the camera as well. I always love our shoots because we're not afraid to give each other direction. We took some outside and then went inside for better lighting.. we wanted to go for a semi-creepy, moe look I think...

Some photos:

We had a lot of fun :9
You can see more photos on my Facebook page (eventually)
Other than that we basically touched base and caught up on sleep that night!

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  1. The matryoshka photos turned out so nicely! <333