Thursday, 12 July 2012

July Topbox 2012 Impressions

Hello everyone! Taking a small break from life to do a quick blog for youuuu

I received my last Topbox yesterday! I quit the service solely because I can't afford the extra expenses right now. I love this service, so I will definitely join again someday!

Onto the goodies:

the spread.

Name: SAMPAR Essentials Ultra Hydrating Fluid
Description: A moisturizing fluid for all ages and skin types with long-lasting hydration and antioxidant protection. (provides long term hydration and protects the skin from harmful effects of pollution)
Price: $80 (50 mL)
What I got: 2 mL (x2)

The full size packaging looks really cute! Although this product would be way to expensive for me to buy. In that sense I really like this sample as it wouldn't be something I could normally try.. I can indulge a little~!

Name: PURE+SIMPLE Calming Cucumber Mask
Description: A refreshing all-natural skin calmer! (gel mask)
Full size: $25.25 (50 mL)
What I got: 20 mL

A pretty generous deluxe sample! Cucumber is gentle with sensitive skin if I remember correctly.. so if I have the time I'm definitely trying this out! Cucumber also helps to reduce the redness in your skin.

Name: NUME Hydro Punch
Description: An incredible blend of Morocco's finest Argan oil, this shampoo unravels years of dullness, damage, split ends, chemical damage, and much more.
Full size: $24.99 (250 mL)
What I got: 20 mL

Another generous deluxe sample. The full size seems pretty affordable for how much you get, so maybe if I really like this shampoo I'll try it out! I have a lot of split ends so I really hope this fixes them somewhat!

Name: Chine Glaze in Blue Sparrow (neon)
Description: A bright blue with micro shimmer.
Full size: $10-12 (14 mL)
What I got: FULL SIZE!

Another nail polish in this month's Topbox! Can't say I complain ;D This was also a personalized shade based on a survey we filled out. I don't think I have a blue so cute and shiny! I'm really happy with this item.

And then when I thought that was it, I noticed another card in the tube:

I couldn't really believe that there was a $100 gift certificate included. But it seems pretty legit! I visited the NUME website and a lot of their styling products are very high quality and expensive.. maybe I can use this to splurge on a new flat iron? :D This is pretty amazing!!

And so I leave Topbox with a heavy heart... for now! Thanks for reading as always♥

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