Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Synchronocity Rin Cosplay Progress

I've finally started work on my Synchronicity Kagamine Rin cosplay! I've like that PV for a while now, and while I don't think I suit the super child-like characters I couldn't pass up the opportunity to cosplay with Sachie ohoho! I feel bad for not joining their Atelier cosplay.. but sometimes you have to just go with what you want lol..

Anyways! some progress:

I found this silver necklace in Claire's! It's perfect but it needed to be black so I used black nail polish to paint the metal. I can't remove the chain though without cutting it.. so maybe I'll have to find a way to paint the chain as well...?

So many ruffles for this cosplay..! I could turn into a mummy or a white ninja lol XD

When we went into Toronto for fabric shopping I found this awesome stuff I can use for her shawl thing! I wanted something light, perhaps semi see-through and black/grey.. I think this fits the bill! :D

We're also fancy enough for zippers :O Still needs a clasp at the top, but it's an 'invisible' zipper so it's less noticeable!

She has a very simple top. We literally cut out a long piece of rectangle fabric and attached straps lol.

IRON DEM PLEATS. Rin has a double layered skirt, so I decided to use an off-white, slightly peachy colour to give some contrast. This is my first time making pleats too! So vital for school girl cosplays.. I'm very happy with how the first batch turned out!

TA-DA! Finished the first set. One more set to go! It's hard working non-stop on cosplay right when you get off a nine hour shift.. ;A; WORTH IT.

You might not hear from me for a while, mostly because I'm working on cosplay stuff up until Otakon (the 27th). I might try and squeeze in another progress post once I start actually putting the dress together! I promise ;D

Until next time!

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  1. YEY! dem pleats are looking good! can't wait to put it all together!!