Monday, 25 February 2013

Con-G 2013 Report

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to be offered media passes to Con-G in Guelph, Ontario. I don't normally go to many smaller conventions because it does cost a lot of money for me to travel back and forth. It landed on my Reading Week (a university holiday) so the timing was good enough. In return for the free passes, I had to do some coverage with Ackson that included interviews with a few people as well as a couple fun skit type things! I also had a personal job that I needed to get done for, which I'll link to eventually. I like doing this kind of work!

Sachie and I didn't go Friday because a) I needed to finish Lyra and b) we weren't convinced of who would show up there since many of our friends bailed. Life calls sometimes, eh? So instead we played Hospice and basically just fooled around all night.

Saturday we got up early to dress as Hilda/Touko and Lyra/Kotone from Pokémon Black/White and Gold/Silver! I love playing Pokémon so much so it was only a matter of time. It was my first time making boot covers and a giant poofy hat! Sachie helped me make the little sefuku collar she's got going on. I still have a ways to go, but I'm learning. I was very proud! :'D

I'm always surprised when people come up to say hi to me! I never assume that many people actually follow what I write about on here or on my page. I only hear from the guys that follow mostly :'). Ladies, I love hearing from you! You made my day so much brighter! I hope I wasn't too awkward haha.

We filmed a lot that day with Ackson and I must have photographed every cosplayer that walked into the convention centre! So busy; I was BAGGED!

Sunday was very chill. I was in regular clothes and wearing a Raptor mask for a portion of the day. A couple cosplayers from No. 6 came up to me and asked if I could take a few shots for them! They were really cute and nice so of course I said yes (Though I'm not sure how the photos turned out lol).

 I left at around 2PM I think? I also filmed a bunch with my dad, who was working on a concept about conventions. If that goes through I'll share it with you guys! I think many of you made an appearance. :)

All in all it was a very small convention (a hallway!), but the people there were so friendly and well-behaved. It felt good being a cosplayer among many who went. I didn't take many photos of myself in costume just because the lighting wasn't the greatest. When spring hits I'll bring Lyra out again ;)

Did you go? How was your experience?

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Con-G, what's up?

Con-G is coming up close and I find myself getting hyped! It's such a small convention apparently (I've never been) and most of my close friends aren't going. We had planned to have a large Pokémon trainer group though Genniieeee, Ringo and Karameru are busy with school and family that weekend! I'm still planning on doing Lyra though (hopefully).. and if not I'll be PhotoRaptor again! RAWR!

Sachie is coming over Friday night and staying over at my place till Sunday so I'm super excited! Us Moetron gals never get to see each other since we're responsible, studious girls that live a good distance away from each other (lol). I'm always happy to hang out with my favourite people~

We'll be cosplay as Hilda and Lyra from Pokémon if all goes well, if not I think Sachie is bringing out her Hinata cosplay! We'll be doing live coverage over Instagram (@domineaucos) and Twitter (@domineaucos) so be sure to keep in touch in case you want to find us! I'm always so psyched when people come up to say hi! It seriously makes my day!!

For now I'll post some progress photos, still so much to do! I've decided to hold off on making her bag and pokégear for when we do our actual group.

This is my first time making shoe covers and I was just trying to see if I was going in the right direction there (right). The shirt has been cut and now there's just her silly white thing to attach to the collar. AND THAT HAT. I'll be thrilled if it turns out okay haha..

I'll be very busy this weekend -- I hope to see you there!

PS. Ackson also asked me to appear in the below video! Some cool people with be at Con-G this year!

Friday, 15 February 2013

GEO Princess Mimi Macchiato Brown Review recently gave me a pair of the Princess Mimi Macchiato lenses to review!* I've always enjoyed their service and frequently visit there to purchase my lenses. I've never had a problem with their website and they offer a great selection of colours and styles of lenses to choose from!

GEO is a well known lens brand and are widely available on the web. Actually, the nude series was the first I tried. I also hear that they're considered to be more comfortable to wear than certain other brands. The bottles you get containing your lenses should have the GEO sticker on it to prove its authenticity.

The Macchiato lenses are very popular, along with the Latte style that also comes in the Princess Mimi series. The Macchiato seem to be a deeper brown though, whereas the Latte ones lighten up already brown eyes. Because the Latte ones seemed a little more orange, I decided to go with the Macchiato for a true brown look.

The lenses have a very pretty swirl and speckled effect with a darker ring around the outside. The design is meant to gradually lead into your real eye colour and would look beautiful on brown eyes. The spots remind me of watermelon seeds or spots on a wild cat!
As you can see, my blue eyes certainly show in the middle, but the actual coloured part is pretty opaque.

From a distance my eyes certainly look much darker and larger! And my god, these lenses are COMFORTABLE! I always get a little discomfort when I first put lenses in, though that's because I naturally have dry and sensitive eyes. A few minutes though and I could hardly notice them!

Comfort is 5/5 (sooooo gooooood)
Design is 5/5 (unique with a semi-natural twist)
Enlargement is 5/5 (a notable difference!)
I would definitely recommend these! You can purchase them here if you're interested. You can also use coupon code 'domineau' at checkout for extra free goodies!

*The opinions expressed in this post are my own and not influenced by the sponsor.

Friday, 8 February 2013

Tocca Giulietta Rollerball Eau de Parfum Review

Last Christmas my good friend Sachie gifted me a wonderful perfume when we went shopping together back in December! I had been craving a new scent for a while, but perfume is a very luxury item so I don't pick it up too often, sadly.

Tocca caught my eye due to the packaging and it's attractive scents! It looked right up my alley so I couldn't wait to try them all out at Sephora. It's also a brand I haven't heard about, so naturally my curiosity was piqued. Their aim is to create scents that hark back to "bygone times".. it seems very romantic!

Sachie purchased the scent in Rollerball form which I was ecstatic about! They're easier to travel with and just take up less room in general. Not to mention they're cheaper! At Sephora it's only $20 whereas the full-size is around $70! It takes a while for me to go through perfume, so a smaller size might be better than the larger vanity bottle.

That being said I simply love the packaging that comes with the product! We need more of this delicate, feminine packaging, I swear! It's simple and elegant, perfect for setting on a vanity or dresser. I can't get enough of it!

The notes listed on the box: green apple, pink tulips, vanilla orchid, amber.
The scent described on Sephora: Refreshing, Feminine, Delicate.

I think Sephora nailed it in their description! To me this is the picture of femininity and grace. It's not overpowering (I would describe it as warm and soft), though it doesn't last forever. I can definitely smell the floral notes, but I think it smells a little more on the fruity side when you immediately smell it after application. I also feel that this calms me down when I smell it, so if you're looking for a pick-me-up I would look elsewhere!

Overall I would definitely recommend this! Try it out at your local Sephora and if you're interested you can read more about it on Fragrantica. Until next time!

Friday, 1 February 2013

I feel so restless

It's true... I haven't been blogging much because nothing's been going on in my life and, to be frank, I've just been shackled down to my desk with readings. Being an English major is hard enough when your history prof also decides that it would be good to add further readings to the course... UGH.

I do the work, though I must admit I'd rather drive a fork into my thigh.

I've been thinking of things I want recently. I want to go out with a group of friends and just take a bunch of photos. It's a little less embarrassing (I'm not comfortable when people look at me naturally, so my anxiety is doubled when people see what I'm trying to take photos of) when there's a group of people with you. This is why I like cosplay photography.. because it's already so out there and I take on a different persona when I do it. When it's just me... it's just me. This terrifies me.

I want to go hiking more. I want to go camping more. I adore nature and yet I find that I am secluding myself more and more to the confines of this tiny room. I'm on the DON FREAKING VALLEY for Christ's sake... Honestly I should be walking and getting fresh air every week! Why... why. It just seems like it's not worth the effort. Am I lazy? Am I depressed? What the hell?

It's like I've given up on meeting new people.. making friends. I'm horrible at it and I feel like whatever comes out of my mouth is idiotic and not worth their time. I feel like they're just being polite. I get so nervous that I stutter and tumble through my sentences.. I'd rather just sit on my computer and go on Tumblr or play videogames with friends I've already had for years.

And yet.. when someone takes the time to smile at me or to say hello.. or to go to the trouble to speak with me I feel so light, so happy. This makes me feel even worse for not being able to participate in a conversation so as to make them want to speak to me again. At least this is what it feels like to me.

I don't know anymore. I feel like I can only be myself when I'm not trying to be myself.