Thursday, 21 February 2013

Con-G, what's up?

Con-G is coming up close and I find myself getting hyped! It's such a small convention apparently (I've never been) and most of my close friends aren't going. We had planned to have a large Pokémon trainer group though Genniieeee, Ringo and Karameru are busy with school and family that weekend! I'm still planning on doing Lyra though (hopefully).. and if not I'll be PhotoRaptor again! RAWR!

Sachie is coming over Friday night and staying over at my place till Sunday so I'm super excited! Us Moetron gals never get to see each other since we're responsible, studious girls that live a good distance away from each other (lol). I'm always happy to hang out with my favourite people~

We'll be cosplay as Hilda and Lyra from Pokémon if all goes well, if not I think Sachie is bringing out her Hinata cosplay! We'll be doing live coverage over Instagram (@domineaucos) and Twitter (@domineaucos) so be sure to keep in touch in case you want to find us! I'm always so psyched when people come up to say hi! It seriously makes my day!!

For now I'll post some progress photos, still so much to do! I've decided to hold off on making her bag and pokégear for when we do our actual group.

This is my first time making shoe covers and I was just trying to see if I was going in the right direction there (right). The shirt has been cut and now there's just her silly white thing to attach to the collar. AND THAT HAT. I'll be thrilled if it turns out okay haha..

I'll be very busy this weekend -- I hope to see you there!

PS. Ackson also asked me to appear in the below video! Some cool people with be at Con-G this year!


  1. Hope you and Sachie have fun at Con-G!

  2. arrgg you guys are so cute. i wish you guys came down to the US more. please post full pictures when it's finished!!