Thursday, 28 June 2012

Venus Eye Wine Red Review

Hi everyone! I recently had to purchase some red lenses for my Karuta Roromiya cosplay! I had been eyeing these lenses for a while because I didn't want something too red and I liked the colour of these ones.

Diameter: 14mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Type: 1 year disposal

You can buy them here! If you use the code 'Domineau' you will also get some extra goodies~!

So I already knew these wouldn't look nearly as large as some of my other lenses. Looking at them side by side you can see a physical difference. Still with a little makeup you can still make your eyes look pretty dolly! 

I like how the red is a little muted. Not too bright, but still red. The colour is solid so it covers most of my eye colour, but the blending isn't so good with blue eyes. If you have brown eyes I think it might be easier to blend with.

I wore these for a full eight hours the first time. I think diameter might make a difference in this, as sometimes I can't stand having larger lenses in for extended periods of time. With these I actually noticed them less as the day went on! Just a couple drops were needed to keep me going.

Colour is 5/5 (I think it's pretty unique and flattering!)
Enlargement is 3/5 (not huge, pretty regular, only a slight difference)
Comfort is 5/5 (my eyes are sensitive so I need drops, but even that was minimal and to be frank you should be using drops no matter what kind of lenses you're wearing)
Design is 4/5 (limbal ring with a blendy starburst near the pupil)

I think I would recommend these for cosplay! They'd have to have a dark red eye colour.. but I think these could pull it off! I think these would be flattering on most people, especially those with brown eyes (although, clearly, blue eyed people can wear these too!)

Just be prepared to see some double-takes from people ;D You hot thing, you!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Centre Island Cosplay Picnic!

Hi everyone!

Last Saturday I went to the Centre Island cosplay picnic in Toronto! I always try to make it every year since it's a really fun and casual event! You always get to meet new people too~
This year I tagged along with Karameru! We don't get to hang out much so I was super excited! She also cosplayed with me as Watanuki Banryu (InuxBoku SS) so it's our first couple cosplay too hoho♥

We met up on the train and got a little turned around in downtown Toronto, but we eventually made it to the ferry docks. It was around noon when we got to the island, however there were the dragon boat races going on that day too so lines were long getting on the ferry. We didn't really miss anything :)

We basically hung around until Karameru's friends caught up to us -- we had gotten separated before going onto the ferry -- so we just met up with other cosplayers we knew until then.

I also got to see Genie again~! She's a part of MOETRON as well, although she wasn't cosplaying that day. Instead she took photos with us along with our buddy Thomas and the Ririchiyo cosplayer (Ansa) that joined us later on!

Here are some photos! :D

Someone made Totoro cookies ;w;♥

And of course some instagram shots >:D

I had so much fun that day! I want to try wearing Karuta Roromiya's school uniform sometime (I cosplayer her SS version above)! The design is so cute :D And another thing that made that day special was that this cute Sheryl Nome (is this how you spell it?) came up to me and recognized me as Sami from MOETRON ;w;♥ It seriously made my day! She is such a sweet girl~

That's it for now I'm afraid! There might be more photos in the future (I know I still have some editing to do lol)

Monday, 18 June 2012

Rolling Girl Cosplay

This is a super impromptu closet cosplay! I remembered my old Miku wig and realized I recently bought a black sweater. I was super excited to try and put this together that I couldn't focus at work haha!

We didn't have any compresses so I had to fold a tissue orz;;

 Messy messy wig! I remember why I don't wear this one anymore haha

It was fun! Now that I think about it.. this could be a nice casual cosplay for a picnic! But this is unlikely haha~

Rolling Girl is one of my favourite PVs! The chaotic beat is addictive haha~

There will be more cosplay updates in the near future! Stay tuned~~~

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Vassen Bambi Queen Brown Lenses + Gorgeous Days Falsies Review

Hi everyone! Today I have TWO reviews for you!
Recently I started using false lashes for my cosplays and I think they make a huge difference in photos. So today I have Ayumi Hamasaki's Gorgeous Days no. 5 false lashes to review as well as the Vassen Bambi Queen Brown lenses!

First the lenses:
These are supposed to resemble the Geo Princess Mimi Brown lenses. I wanted something that completely conceal my blue eyes and gives me that chocolate brown look.

Diameter: 14.5mm
Water Content: 42%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Type: 1 Year disposal

When I first saw these, I was super disappointed because they look SO ORANGE. ಠ_ಠ I had no idea how they'd look on my eyes..

They're very similar to the Vassen Bambi Queen Green lenses I own, in that they have that spiked limbal ring that fades into a lighter colour near the center. Obviously these would suit brown eyes more than my blue ones. I imagine these would make brown eyes just a lighter brown (this might be pretty?).

They don't make my eyes look super dolly, but there is some very good enlargement.

Indoors, artificial light

Colour is 3.5/5 (not as dark a brown as I was led to believe.. still more brown than orange though!)
Design is 4/5 (Nice, but doesn't I get that halo from my blue eyes)
Comfort is 4/5 (need some eye drops around the 5 hr mark)
Size is 4.5/5 (pretty nice)

I would like to see these on brown eyes!

Onto the false lashes!
I wore these in the photos above! I still need to practice with falsies though haha~

They have that typical gyaru look. I think these would work for girls who need a fuller lash look! They seem very versatile for many looks! 
I also like how the band is nearly invisible, even though they're synthetic lashes. They aren't very heavy either. I also like how this packaging is very cute and comes with multiple pairs. (〃∇〃) 

So I would definitely recommend these, even if you might find some that are similar with Dolly Wink.

Friday, 8 June 2012

Topbox June 2012 Review

Another subscription beauty service for you! This time it's Topbox! I got it in the mail just yesterday, so I haven't tried out all the products yet. This will mostly be my first impressions.

How it came in the mail. Very discreet, but unique packaging. It also felt very secure in my hands so I knew nothing broke. Very happy with this since nothing would be worse if they shipped me something that I really liked, but it broke in the mail!!

I ordered the 100% recyclable packaging.. but you can choose the regular packaging if you wish!

Ohhhh, bonus!

The spread ♥

From left to right (clockwise): 
Garnier BB cream
Simple eye makeup remover
deborah lippmann "Whatever LaLa Wants" nail polish
Clear Prep FX foundation primer
Mark gloss gorgeous lip stain in "Pop Splendide"
stila Forever Your Curl Mascara

Name: deborah lipmann "What LaLa Wants"
Retail: 15mL ($20)
What I got: Full size!

My first deborah lipmann nail polish! I'm super excited cause I really like this colour (*´艸`*)

Name: stila Forever Your Curl mascara
Retail: $29
What I got: A deluxe sample size!

I've heard about stila but never actually bought anything from them! I wonder if their mascara is any good?

Name: Cover FX ClearPrep FX foundation primer
Retail: $39 (30mL)
What I got: 7mL

I've never used a face primer before, so this is a nice surprise! They're usually expensive. I just hope it doesn't irritate my skin! Apparently it also doesn't have parabens, oil or fragrance either, which is nice.

Name: mark. Gloss Gorgeous Stay on Lip Stain in "pop"
Retail: $12 (1.5g)
What I got: A full size!

I'm not usually a fan of lip stains OR brush tips... but I'm willing to give this one a shot I guess? Apparently this item was personalized based on the survey you filled out on the topbox website.


I'm interested to try this out! I have sensitive eyes and skin, so I'm curious about this.. good size too! Maybe even full size?

There's always one disappointment.. I've already tried these samples (it's the Western BB cream by Garnier :O). To be honest all I can remember is not being impressed by it. This is bad since you want it to stick in your memory so you'll look for it on the shelf. I think it was just 'meh' for me... Oh well, someone's gotta use these samples. :9

 Overall I was really happy with what I got! Definitely a nicer experience than luxe box for me. There were things I hadn't heard of, or had wanted to try (not to mention some pricey items!) I would definitely try them out if you're interested in these subscription services! I'm debating trying them out again huhu~

Tata for now~

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Anime North 2012: Sunday

Hi guys! I didn't cosplay the Sunday so no photos of me in this one! But I did take some photos of others!

We left the con fairly early because my mom was driving us back. We spent the day walking around, making last minute purchases and just having a good time! It was a lot easier to move around in general, but my feet are still hurting a week later from those boots I wore on AN's Friday (。í _ ì。)

To say sorry, have some cute shots of Ringo from Saturday!

Do you forgive me?  (ಡ౪ಡ)
And the rest from Sunday:

That Kiki was my favourite. She's so cute!!

And my splurge purchase of this figure:
Hachikuji Mayoi (Bakemonogatari) 1/8 PVC figure (marks my third Bakemono figure ;w;)

Now.. I realize this is a school girl.. and that she's giving me the bedroom eyes... in a promiscuous pose. BUT I COULDN'T HELP IT. She's adorable and this fits her character so well  щ (ºДºщ)

I think she's my second favourite character in the show due to her hilarious scenes with Arararararararrargi ("ah I stuttered!")

I'm such a sucker for the little details on figures.. It makes me so happy when there's a little more effort involved.

 I like how her pose is awkward (she IS a child after all), yet speaks to the risqué scenes between her and the main character during her arc. The figure is so outrageously, openly loli that it almost makes fun of itself! I love it.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Photos of the Week #3

Just a little something to break up my Anime North posts! (〃∇〃) 

It was pouring out today! I thought I'd try my hand at taking pictures of rain. 
Below are photos using my glass table as a subject.

And then on Victoria Day recently....

But then the firework flew into our neighbours' backyard のヮの;