Thursday, 7 June 2012

Anime North 2012: Sunday

Hi guys! I didn't cosplay the Sunday so no photos of me in this one! But I did take some photos of others!

We left the con fairly early because my mom was driving us back. We spent the day walking around, making last minute purchases and just having a good time! It was a lot easier to move around in general, but my feet are still hurting a week later from those boots I wore on AN's Friday (。í _ ì。)

To say sorry, have some cute shots of Ringo from Saturday!

Do you forgive me?  (ಡ౪ಡ)
And the rest from Sunday:

That Kiki was my favourite. She's so cute!!

And my splurge purchase of this figure:
Hachikuji Mayoi (Bakemonogatari) 1/8 PVC figure (marks my third Bakemono figure ;w;)

Now.. I realize this is a school girl.. and that she's giving me the bedroom eyes... in a promiscuous pose. BUT I COULDN'T HELP IT. She's adorable and this fits her character so well  щ (ºДºщ)

I think she's my second favourite character in the show due to her hilarious scenes with Arararararararrargi ("ah I stuttered!")

I'm such a sucker for the little details on figures.. It makes me so happy when there's a little more effort involved.

 I like how her pose is awkward (she IS a child after all), yet speaks to the risqué scenes between her and the main character during her arc. The figure is so outrageously, openly loli that it almost makes fun of itself! I love it.

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