Monday, 18 June 2012

Rolling Girl Cosplay

This is a super impromptu closet cosplay! I remembered my old Miku wig and realized I recently bought a black sweater. I was super excited to try and put this together that I couldn't focus at work haha!

We didn't have any compresses so I had to fold a tissue orz;;

 Messy messy wig! I remember why I don't wear this one anymore haha

It was fun! Now that I think about it.. this could be a nice casual cosplay for a picnic! But this is unlikely haha~

Rolling Girl is one of my favourite PVs! The chaotic beat is addictive haha~

There will be more cosplay updates in the near future! Stay tuned~~~


  1. Oh I actually like that Cosplay, well especially the wig, a lot! Even though it's messy - it suits you a lot ♥