Sunday, 10 June 2012

Vassen Bambi Queen Brown Lenses + Gorgeous Days Falsies Review

Hi everyone! Today I have TWO reviews for you!
Recently I started using false lashes for my cosplays and I think they make a huge difference in photos. So today I have Ayumi Hamasaki's Gorgeous Days no. 5 false lashes to review as well as the Vassen Bambi Queen Brown lenses!

First the lenses:
These are supposed to resemble the Geo Princess Mimi Brown lenses. I wanted something that completely conceal my blue eyes and gives me that chocolate brown look.

Diameter: 14.5mm
Water Content: 42%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Type: 1 Year disposal

When I first saw these, I was super disappointed because they look SO ORANGE. ಠ_ಠ I had no idea how they'd look on my eyes..

They're very similar to the Vassen Bambi Queen Green lenses I own, in that they have that spiked limbal ring that fades into a lighter colour near the center. Obviously these would suit brown eyes more than my blue ones. I imagine these would make brown eyes just a lighter brown (this might be pretty?).

They don't make my eyes look super dolly, but there is some very good enlargement.

Indoors, artificial light

Colour is 3.5/5 (not as dark a brown as I was led to believe.. still more brown than orange though!)
Design is 4/5 (Nice, but doesn't I get that halo from my blue eyes)
Comfort is 4/5 (need some eye drops around the 5 hr mark)
Size is 4.5/5 (pretty nice)

I would like to see these on brown eyes!

Onto the false lashes!
I wore these in the photos above! I still need to practice with falsies though haha~

They have that typical gyaru look. I think these would work for girls who need a fuller lash look! They seem very versatile for many looks! 
I also like how the band is nearly invisible, even though they're synthetic lashes. They aren't very heavy either. I also like how this packaging is very cute and comes with multiple pairs. (〃∇〃) 

So I would definitely recommend these, even if you might find some that are similar with Dolly Wink.


  1. Nice reviews ♥ you're right~ I think lenses and lashes do make a huge difference on cosplays! i only cosplayed men so far so i didnt use lashes (haha) but I've been using circle lenses and make up (yes, even for men cosplays) and it looks way better I guess!

    1. Thanks! For guy cosplays you might be able to find shorter lashes so they don't look so fluttery? I know photos make my eyes look smaller, so I totally agree with lenses for cosplay!

  2. Where did you buy the lashes from? ^^
    They look really nice!~

    1. I'm sure you can find them online! They look similar to some other gyaru type lashes, so if you can't find this exact pair, I'm sure you'll find something similar online!

    2. You can buy them at Ichibankao

  3. These are a gorgeous pair of lenses.
    I was also happy to see you using the Ayu lashes. I'd been wondering what they looked like on.

  4. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.