Thursday, 28 June 2012

Venus Eye Wine Red Review

Hi everyone! I recently had to purchase some red lenses for my Karuta Roromiya cosplay! I had been eyeing these lenses for a while because I didn't want something too red and I liked the colour of these ones.

Diameter: 14mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Type: 1 year disposal

You can buy them here! If you use the code 'Domineau' you will also get some extra goodies~!

So I already knew these wouldn't look nearly as large as some of my other lenses. Looking at them side by side you can see a physical difference. Still with a little makeup you can still make your eyes look pretty dolly! 

I like how the red is a little muted. Not too bright, but still red. The colour is solid so it covers most of my eye colour, but the blending isn't so good with blue eyes. If you have brown eyes I think it might be easier to blend with.

I wore these for a full eight hours the first time. I think diameter might make a difference in this, as sometimes I can't stand having larger lenses in for extended periods of time. With these I actually noticed them less as the day went on! Just a couple drops were needed to keep me going.

Colour is 5/5 (I think it's pretty unique and flattering!)
Enlargement is 3/5 (not huge, pretty regular, only a slight difference)
Comfort is 5/5 (my eyes are sensitive so I need drops, but even that was minimal and to be frank you should be using drops no matter what kind of lenses you're wearing)
Design is 4/5 (limbal ring with a blendy starburst near the pupil)

I think I would recommend these for cosplay! They'd have to have a dark red eye colour.. but I think these could pull it off! I think these would be flattering on most people, especially those with brown eyes (although, clearly, blue eyed people can wear these too!)

Just be prepared to see some double-takes from people ;D You hot thing, you!

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