Wednesday, 20 November 2013

DO YOUR BROWS || Anastasia Brow Powder Duo in Caramel

Hi everyone! Brows are an essential part of everyday makeup as they create the frame for your face. You don't want to put beautiful artwork in a janky frame, right? No! So do your brows!!

There are multiple ways to go about it, there are tinted and not-tinted gels, powders and pencils which you can use to define the edges of your brows as well as fill in any sparse areas. In my case, I have very light coloured, thin and sparse eyebrows with patchy areas. If I don't fill them in, in most photos it can appear like I don't have any brows at all and especially in photos that used flash (not good)! Some girls are gifted with full, coloured brows and only need to worry about maintenance, but for me, any more than tweezing on or two hairs might do more harm then good.

For the sake of this post I'm going to present to you one kind of product from the brand Anastasia, which is well-known for their eyebrow powders.

In general, the packaging reminds me of some Korean brands with the elegant and feminine brand logo and sleek packaging. Very chic and pretty.

In colour Caramel
With this particular powder line you get two shades in one. This is really nice as it gives you more choice and range to create a more natural brow look. You can use one, the other or a mixture of both to make your brows look less one-dimensional. In my case, I use the left shade for the inside of my brow and the right (darker) side for the tail in order to give it a really clean definition. With Anastasia's powder duo you also get the bonus of a mini-mirror just so you don't need to be squinting in your bathroom one (or wherever you put on your face in the morning). Pigmentation is also good.

If you don't want to spend money on a separate eyebrow product, feel free to experiment with eyeshadows you have! Try finding a neutral that's close to your eyebrow colour. Obviously stick to matte shades and try to avoid anything with shimmers or glitters. You don't want your eyebrows looking like a disco ball!

Anastasia's doubled-ended no. 7 brush with angled and spooly ends
If you decide to go the powder route you're gonna want to pick up a couple of useful tools (pictured above). The first is an angled brush of some kind. There are dedicated eyebrow brushes that are smaller than your regular brush so that it can really get in there for the fine details. An angled eyeliner brush could also do the trick. You use this in applying the powder to the brows, especially for filling in any sparse areas or defining the tail.

Next is a spooly brush. This is gonna help blend in the pigments as well as groom any unruly hairs. This should probably be one of your last steps in doing your brows since some hairs can be looking a little spunky after having brushed through them with powder. To set brows you can use a gel formula, but if your brows are pretty tame a good comb-through with a spooly is usually enough.

For travel, I recommend a dual-ended brush to save on space. The spooly end might also help to identify what is your eyebrow tool and what is your eyeliner tool at first glance. (No thanks, I would not like to have black eyeliner on my eyebrows please!)

There are many different ways to fill in your brows for different effects and there are tons of photo guides online as well as stencils you can purchase if you're still unsure. The best thing is practice though, so don't feel discouraged if you end up giving yourself giant rectangles the first time!

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Pokémon X Photo Diary and Review

So it's been a good two weeks since the new Pokémon X and Y games came out for the 3DS. While I really didn't like Black and White 2, I have to say that these editions to the franchise really seemed to breathe some life into the pokémon world for me! In my file as of today, I have beaten the Elite Four and Champion and so I think I can provide an educated opinion if you're still on the fence as to if you should get it or not.

First of all, I think the general consensus is that X and Y both provide an experience that is both fresh and new. That is to say, the standard pokémon formula is still there (that we know and love), but they've made significant changes that make it feel a little something more than the next standard edition of pokémon you need to keep up on. A few of these changes include: the new look to combat (not just sprites anymore!), the new EV-training system (Super Training), Pokémon Amie (which actually has some impact in battles based on a pokémon's affection towards you), customizeable main characters and of course the new edition of pokémon added to this generation.

Such cute clothes!!!
In general, the new generation doesn't bother me nearly as much as the past couple of generations. Some of them still look a bit too out there, but just the look of them seems to fit more in with Generation 2... what do you think? Also, I really enjoy the variety of pokémon you can encounter in the world right from the beginning. In past games you'd have to unlock the national dex in order to have access to any of the Kanto pokémon, or others would simply be missing unless you transferred them from past cartridges. Here, you can encounter all sorts of surprises which I thoroughly loved! They didn't just focus on rubbing your face in the new generation, but shared the love, haha!

Team Flare (the newest team of baddies) are pretty weird. That's all I can really say about them. They're not too hard to beat, they want to make the world beautiful and yet they look like a disaster and the overall storyline attributed to them isn't all that provoking. To be honest, I really liked Black and White's storylines by comparison.

There are 'photo spots' now where you can take photos of your character with the 3DS camera.
Gym fights aren't too bad either. I think I got stuck on a couple for a few minutes but could sweep the other teams with just one or two pokémon. I think the reason for this is the new EXP share. Rather than attaching it to one pokémon, EXP share can now be turned on and off from the Key Items menu and will provide all pokémon in the party with EXP during the battle. That way your team levels at the same time and you don't end up with really unbalanced numbers if you just end up preferring one teammate over all the rest.

Along with this however, are the Elite Four battles. Never have I ever had such an easy Elite Four and Champion sweep in my entire pokémon career (lol). I usually have to grind my face into them until I finally get a break! To start, you don't fight them in a straight line anymore but can choose what order you want to fight them. This allows you to front-load your team for the first time going through, rather than not knowing what to expect during the first run. The types are Fire, Water, Steel and Dragon. All these types are easy to deal with, especially dragon which now cannot affect Fairy types. With Lapras I was able to take care of both the Fire and Dragon elites. Gogoat for Water. Delphox and Mega Lucario for Steel. The Champion seemed to be a pushover as well, even with Mega Gardevoir...

I haven't delved into end-game too much, but that's when you get access to the new Safari Zones. You can't access your own, but those of your friends only who only have access to one type and 3 different pokémon. The zones are uninspiring, with just a square patch of grass that's surrounded by a wooden fence. Either way start trading those Friend Codes!!!

The Pokémon League
In all I'm very satisfied with this game so far. I've already resolved to make a "Big Fatties" team, as well as an all-dogs team! I would recommend picking it up if you have a 3DS or plan on getting one.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Tiki (Fire Emblem Awakening) Progress Post #1

Hi everyone! I've finally gotten started on my Tiki cosplay and I'm super excited to share some photos with you!!

I started on the bracers first because I could get to the fabric store just then (and tbh I was a little nervous in sewing as usual so I procrastinated). This is my first time working with craft foam in making it look like.. something like... armor! I chose Tiki mainly because she didn't have too much of it, so I was able to feel comfortable in trial and error without buying too much material.

While I did prime the foam an off-white, I chose yellow in case the gold paint I got was a little too sheer (which it was). The yellow made for a good base, though in normal cases I guess you'd layer on the gesso until it was opaque. This was also my first time trying to weather something and I don't think it turned out very nice (up close) but I believe that was mainly due to the weird designs Tiki has on her bracers.

I was expecting almost elvish swirly leaf designs but instead they're these weird square shapes like a retarded leopard. I suppose they're supposed to be like scales? After I zoomed in on my reference photo I couldn't unsee the design anymore so I felt like I had to go with it. The bracers are fastened with velcro.

Initially I wanted to make a dragonstone with an acrylic ball and some paint, but when I went to the craft store the attendant said they only carried balls like that during Christmas season.. weird... So I would this glass decoration as an alternative that I actually really like! It has this cracked look which I think suits a mystical egg very well. The colour is a bit off, but i think the transparency and design still makes it worthwhile and interesting! Colour can be handled in post-processing anyways...

Next I went on to maker her headpiece. At first I wanted to make it out of paper clay (that air dries so I wouldn't have to bake it). I made an outline out of paper and judged it against my wig head. Immediately I didn't like how it looked because it didn't look dainty enough and was worried how I would attach it to my head. Finally I decided to make a craft foam version and I like the result a whole lot more (bottom right)!

The gem was really easy to do and I'm happy it didn't cost me a thing. I used some red construction paper as a base and then created the shape out of hot glue. The paper gives it a flat backing so it's easy to mount on things and won't ruin the surface (table, etc.) that you're working on. The result was a translucent pink oval that looked okay on its own, but for some added oopmh I coated it with a couple layers of red nail polish and a top coat to keep it from chipping/giving it a nice shine. I used the nail polish method for my Synchronocity Rin cosplay on a silver metal necklace and it worked like a charm there too! Definitely recommend this if you can't afford resin and don't need anything too complicated or large.

Finally I'm happy to say that I've started the dress! At this point I've cut and sewn most of it (including a zipper at the back that will be hidden by my cape). Just have to dart and adjust some areas as I've recently lost some weight. I'll do another update once the dress is finished (though I kinda wish I bought a stretchy fabric.. but the colour was nice soooo).

I'll see you all very soon! Stay cool in this heat!

Sunday, 30 June 2013

Tiki Fire Emblem Awakening Cosplay Progress

Strangely enough I don't have many cosplay conventions to attend this summer so I've decided to take up another project: Tiki from Fire Emblem Awakening!

I've watched my brother play the past Fire Emblem games, so I'm somewhat familiar with them but Awakening is my first official Fire Emblem game. When you catch a glimpse of Tiki during the story quests I thought she was really beautiful and intriguing! I've been looking for an excuse to wear pointed ears for a cosplay for forever to so I'm really excited to wear some now!

It's a very girly cosplay for me! I typically end up doing the tomboy characters in groups, or the cold types when solo. Tiki seems to be a very calm and feminine character in this game... it's a nice change of pace! This costume will present some new challenges for me too! I already know how to make shoe covers, so now I can expand with different length boots. It'll also be my first time making gloves from scratch!

For the cape I really hope Genniieeee can give me some insight in how she did her Meruru cape hehe, it's nice to have talented friends who might be able to help you!

This wigs (I'm using 2 because I couldn't find one online with a ponytail premade that I liked) are on it's way already. I've purchased the red material I'll need (boots will have a zipper this time! eeeek!!), the elf ears I'm using are here and the thigh highs I ordered have been shipped too!

 (The ears are from Aradani, and I was too impatient to put glue on so they might not be at the right angle lol)

As I go along I'll do my best to capture my processes and which tutorials I used! I'm really excited for this costume since many of my friends are also doing Fire Emblem this year..! I'll be getting to work soon so stay tuned!!

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Animal Crossing: New Leaf First Impressions

So last Sunday, June 9th, 2013 was the release of the new Animal Crossing game for the 3DS! I admit I've been waiting for the new game for a couple years since it was first announced. I was so excited when it finally came overseas!

I admit I'm a bit of a noob, my first game was City Folk, but it got me so hooked! It's the same kind of addicting as Harvest Moon was for me...

The premise is mostly the same though now you've got the added benefits of being the actual mayor of your town! While I miss Tortimer, being able to really customize my town with projects like fountains and extra bridges is really nice! You can also decorate the exterior of your home too which personalizes it even more. I really like these changes!

Another aspect of the game that I really enjoy now is the online multiplayer experience they've set up. You can connect locally and through wifi to other players on the 3DS! With the additions of Re-tail, the island and the HH Academy, there are more ways for me to interact with my fellow players. The only annoyance I experienced through wifi play is that when someone loses connection, both players are reverted back to before the multiplayer session. So for long sessions, it's really annoying when everything is reverted to before! Oh well...

There are a lot more townspeople you can meet too, which is nice. Molly (a cute brown duckie) is by far my favourite! SHE'S SO CUTE!!

I also really like the pacing of this game. It forces you to go through a couple of days before you have access to most of the features! Most shops will be unlocked over time.. I only just got an axe today (a week after release)! While I like it because it means I won't rush through the game, it's also a little frustrating because I have little patience for these things!

One thing that perhaps is nice.. but also a little exploitative... is how easy it is to get money via exotic fruits. If you have a friend with a fruit different than yours, through the online mutliplayer it's super easy to pay off loans, etc. I have yet to really decide if this takes away from the game or not, as there are WAY more things to spend your money on now than in past games. Saving up isn't as much of a pain though.. which is nice!

Overall I'm thoroughly enjoying my experience so far and I would totally recommend this game if you're a casual gamer who enjoys games like Harvest Moon. I think both kids and adults can enjoy this game too, as well as both men and women.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Aqualillies for tarte Amazonian clay waterproof eye and cheek palette Review

WHOA WHAT A LONG NAME! This was created with the USA's synchronized swimming team the Aqualillies in order to create a palette worthy of the spring and summer months! Apparently all the shades are waterproof, which should make it ideal for the pool. I saw it on the Sephora website and was coveting it until I saw it in store while I was in Vegas!

The palette offers six eyeshadows, a champaign-coloured highlighter, a bronzer and a unique blush only available in this palette. Pretty damn good for the price ($46 CAD) when one of their blushes costs $31 CAD! Two of the six shadows are a brown matte, which is always nice. I hate it when the palette is all shimmery! The lighter shades work well as highlights without being glittery, although sadly the only unique colour (the blue/teal) doesn't show up as vibrantly as it does in the pan. That was a bit disappointing really...

The blush is what you would expect from tarte's amazing Amazonian clay blushes. Pigmented, gorgeous, wearable colour that lasts a long time! The highlighter is a typical champagne colour, but it works well with my fair skin to give me a nice glow. The bronzer was a new experience for me, as I typically stay away from them with my pale skin. When slowly built up, I think it can work as a good contour colour.

When I compare the formula to my other palettes, Urban Decay NAKED is still a lot more buttery smooth, but the tarte Aqualillies palette does well to give me a smooth application. I'd say the shades are a little smoother than my Lorac Pro palette but give around the same payoff with some of the matte shades.

The overall aesthetic of the palette is very retro and all-in-all just pretty. I love the packaging and the large mirror. Sadly it doesn't come with an eyeshadow brush but these shades are easy to apply with my fingers. The compact is large and easy to hold in one hand. It's also very travel friendly as it has all your essentials in one area. More space for your luggage!

Whether they are waterproof or not I cannot say for sure. The shadows rub off throughout the day though.

In all I really like this palette! It's pretty standard for colours, but it's handy to have everything in one cute package. I've been using this everyday for work!

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Anime North 2013

OH MAN HAVE I BEEN BUSY! With work and moving into a new house, Anime North kind of snuck up on me! My blogging has taken a hit because of it I guess... Haven't been posting as much!

I went Friday to Sunday as usual. This year we got to stay at the Doubletree which was AMAZING considering your feet are dying by the end of the day. It's nice to go straight from the con to your room!

Anyways we managed to get in a little early on Friday which was lucky! I had a league of legends lounge shoot with VickyBunnyAngel and some other lovely ladies, so as soon as we got in I had to start getting ready to be Ironscale Shyvana! It was very private, classy and TONS of fun! I live for photoshoots nowadays.. probably more than the convention itself! I love creating photos with other people haha

Teemo kicked our butts ;3;
VickyBunnyAngel so cute <3
Smoldering makeup.. I'm not used to having such dark eyes! 
I really hope I can get around to making the armor.. I just have NO money and I really wanted to use worbla.. maybe someday. After the shoot my feet hurt from the heels (I'm a big wimp hoho) so I was just in kigurumi for the rest of the night! We played Monster Hunter with a random guy in the Doubletree and watched the K-ON! movie (SO GOOD). It was a really chill Friday for a convention.

Saturday was a little crazier, I had a couple shoots planned for Kirin and I wanted to try an elaborate makeup so I got up a bit earlier. I was surprised that many people recognized the character! The game's been out for a long time on the PSP.. and it's not related to Tri at all (which I feel is why MonHun is more popular now)?

After I had my shoot with Thomas, CourtoonXIII and Chinasaur came for their shoot! I was so excited to see theeeeemmm! Haven't seen each other since Youmacon! I want to go to more US cons, but again it's all money...

They're such cutie butts I can't even! They helped my dad out, which i really appreciate too.. hopefully we'll see the cut interviews sometime soon! We got to hang out even more after I got out of Kirin which I was so happy for.. ahhh it was great.

Had dinner with moetron, brother and boyfriend in kigurumis at swiss chalet... somehow we kept missing each other at the convention.. We were all pretty busy I guess!

Sunday I spent the as much time with Sachie, Genie, Ringo and Karameru as I could. Chinasaur and CourtoonXIII tagged along with us to our Pokémon trainer shoot.

I seriously need to cosplay with Karameru moooore <3 Best girlfriend.
It was a lot of fun cause we got to goof around a bunch hehe! After that shoot I'm afraid to say I had to leave an hour later. I can't wait for more photos to pop up though!

This year was a lot more relaxed in some ways than it had been in past years. I had many more organized shoots which was nice but less time in costume. My eyes are so sensitive that I can't wear them for too long.. and if I'm not wearing contacts for the character than I feel incomplete! So I think I struck a nice balance this year.

Next year I might not go though, solely for the reason that I'd like to save up for a large US convention like AX or Katsucon... preferable both.. or even Colossalcon! I'd like to make even more costumes too.. I just need to pick and choose I guess...

And that's it for this year! As usual, you can see more photo on my FACEBOOK PAGE

Monday, 29 April 2013

Kariya Park (& Birthday)

Yesterday I went to Kariya! The weather was overcast (it was even pouring when we left;;) and a bit chilly but it didn't stop us from having a good time. I was dressed as Ema Skye for the first time (I hastily cut the wig the night before like the good cosplayer that I am...)! It was pretty fun being in a lab coat hehe! The wig was surprisingly a pain because it was long and her half bun thing wouldn't cooperate. A good learning experience for AN though!

I got there a little earlier than the people I was planning on meeting up with (Mao and Karameru hehe, slowpokes!). I was really happy and surprised to run into my buddy Thomas and Genie from Moetron (She has an art blog here)! I didn't think they would be coming! I spent most of the day goofing around with them and Thomas snagged some nice shots I think.

Genie is my inner hipster child haha
Poor Thomas had to get dragged around by me haha, thanks ; v ;
I derp a lot when taking photos. Genie was sniping me without me knowing haha~
Also this costume was given to me by a sponsor. I might get new pants though as they're not long enough.
It'll have to do.
My birthday was the day before so I was even more excited to see Sachie make a visit even though she's really busy at home and work! It was really nice of her to make time for me! ; v ; In fact, many people wished me a happy birthday which was really nice, so thank you!

Mao, Karameru, Tomomi and the rest finally got there so it was fun getting to see people who I haven't talked to since November for the most a.part! School keeps us all busy, though hopefully that will change now that it's summer. They're really funny and bright people, so they brought a little more sunshine into that overcast day :'D

Luan and Mao in the back, Genie on the right. We're all a bunch of derps hehe
I always end up duckfacing when taking photos with Karameru and I wonder if it's because
she's so pretty haha. I need to work harder LOL
Kariya park itself was an interesting location. It's a japanese style garden with a shrine and various interesting ponds to work with. Usually this time of year there are cherry blossoms so I was told, but because of our crappy Canadian weather we missed them in time for the event.. they might bloom in May hopefully! It was my first time going, but I really liked the venue as it was tucked away from the busy main street and surrounded by a nice looking fence. There were still some regular people walking around but overall us cosplayers had the run of the place mostly to ourselves! In nicer weather I'd like to visit again, perhaps with more props so we can reenact a crime scene or something!

I didn't have my t3i on me because everything is packed away due to my family's move, so I was bad and forgot to take pictures of the park. I got you some turtles though! And some Mao!

It started pouring when we left for bubble tea in Mississauga so Thomas was kind enough to give me a drive back to the station. I missed the train though.. had to wait an hour in the cold for the next one..

If you'd like to see more photos from the shoot, you can visit my Facebook page! I should be able to upload them starting this week. Until next time!

We're so street fashion!

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Cosplay Tips 101: Why do you want to cosplay?

I've decided to create a group of posts exploring things about cosplay. I'm no expert (can someone be an expert cosplayer?) but I have been doing it for a while, so even though I may not be an expert in sewing or whatever, I still feel like there may be some things I can impart to you about my world. Feel free to add things in the comments section, so that we as a community can build up posts that are helpful for people who stumble upon. Not to mention that I'm always learning new things too!

I wanted to start this segment with a very simple question, but one that I find very important:

Why do you want to cosplay?

At first it might not seem like much, but it can become a loaded question if you think about it.

Cosplay is a very unique hobby, especially in a place like North America (where I'm from). The most we get dressed up for is Hallowe'en and perhaps themed parties. Especially since cosplaying brings to the forefront images of Japanese culture which tend to become lost on North American audiences. I remember when I first started cosplaying, every so often my parents would bring up things like hentai (Japanese animated porn, though what they had in mind specifically was the tentacles). So you can expect to not be met with understanding when expressing a foreign fandom openly. Just think about the elementary school yard when you were a kid. Those who were different were usually picked on weren't they?

That's another thing: parents. I know many cosplayers who struggle in pursuing their fandoms with them hanging over them. It's a childish hobby. You'll grow out of it. It's expensive. What are you going with your future. I've heard these things repeated more than once. For some of you, perhaps you'll come to disagreements with your parents. It's okay. If it's what's making you happy then why shouldn't you pursue it? When this comes up with my own family I usually make comparisons with people my age. I don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't do drugs. However cosplay is a creative pursuit that utilizes many skills and creates a positive space where I can be proud of myself and my work. Whether you smoke, drink, or whatever doesn't necessarily undermine you. Heck, lots of cosplayers have parties in their hotels where they do just that I imagine. What I mean is, cosplay isn't necessarily a destructive hobby like your parents may think. At least not as destructive as frequent parties teenagers are prone to have.

I started cosplaying when I was around thirteen or fourteen. It's obviously a time when you're exploring who you are and are faced with crazy hormones and confidence issues! I am 100% convinced that cosplay is an outlet that has let me grow in discovering who I am in a safe environment. I can wear clothes that I wouldn't dream of wearing normally to explore facets of who I am that otherwise I wouldn't be comfortable exploring. Through cosplay I have learned makeup techniques and styling that help me look like a respectable female in my society. I've gained the confidence to imagine how to make gigantic arms and actually go through with the project. I can make my dreams into reality.

But most of all, I have found people of a like mind. I have found wonderful friends.

So while cosplay is, yes, incredibly expensive and, yes, isn't necessarily a typical hobby I ask you again why you want to do it and I ask you to hold on to it.

Is it because you love the theatrical aspect of becoming a character? Perhaps you love making costumes, clothing and props! Maybe it's the stunning way people can change how they look with makeup. Maybe it's your love of the fandom and the people in it. It feels nice when people recognize your hard work, so perhaps you love the spotlight.

Whatever it is, this emotion you have towards cosplaying is what will either have you participating in it for years or have it be just a small blip in your life. It will keep you from going insane when your friends at school may not understand or make fun of you for it, or when your parents don't approve. When you need to remind yourself why you take on more work or die at the gym to get that sweet-ass flat belly.

If you don't know why you want to cosplay, I think that's fine too. Because the more you do it, the more you enjoy it and that's all that matters.

Friday, 12 April 2013

What I've been up to

Yesterday I got to spend some time with my friend Jen! I don't think I've seen her since our Bakemonogatari shoot back in November. Everyone's been really busy this year, so it can't be helped I guess.

We went shopping at Eatons! Initially I was looking for a dress suitable for the League of Legends lounge shoot at AN that I'm being a part of with VickyBunnyAngel and a bunch of other really classy ladies! It's going to be a lot of fun!
The shoot will be based on the photo below. It's the thought of what the League ladies do in between matches, or to wind down after a hard day on Summoner's Rift:

I found this dress in my closet though! I think Shyvana's a tough lady who wouldn't reveal too much skin. The blue could represent her loyalty to Demacia and I think the orange and red designs work well with her identity as a dragon (kinda looks like a fire burst). Plus, I like the idea of a tough girl not letting a dress in the way of her being rowdy. One of the shots I'm taking is arm wrestling so I think it'd be a funny image! It's a little loud but I think in a dark setting it'll blend in alright.

I'm also heading to Vegas in early May so I need to update my wardrobe with some more big girl clothes haha. I want to get away from the jeans and a t-shirt style I've always worn. Bring on the dresses!

I ADORE THIS DRESS! I don't own anything like it and I think it's very classy. A good dress for going around town while still looking like you put in a little effort. It was rather cheap too! I always like it when dresses come with belts.. that way I don't have to worry about buying one hehe.. My boyfriend gave me some money for my birthday, so it's an early birthday present.

We also had some delicious bubble tea and then went over to Jen's place! Ahhhhh a girl's company is so nice.. We played around with her makeup and we took some silly pictures in some of her wigs (most on her computer haha).

The wig I'm wearing reminds me a lot of Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite! The wig itself was soooo nice. So silky and soft...

Jen owns a lot of alpaca plushies.. they are the most wonderful things to cuddle with!
I want to hang out again really soon! It was a really nice break before I start studying for my exams again. To be honest I find that exams are less stressful than essay season. I have some time to actually breathe.

That being said I'll be really busy when I get back home. My family is moving to a different house so a lot of my cosplay stuff is being packed away until June! I'm only able to have a little box in the garage for any cosplay things I might need for AN and other small events until then. I'll be attending one (or both) of the cosplay picnics this month in Mississauga (April 27, 28). I'll be going as Ema Skye from Apollo Justice and Kirin from Monster Hunter. I'll try to do some more updates closer to, but I hope to see you there!