Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Pokémon X Photo Diary and Review

So it's been a good two weeks since the new Pokémon X and Y games came out for the 3DS. While I really didn't like Black and White 2, I have to say that these editions to the franchise really seemed to breathe some life into the pokémon world for me! In my file as of today, I have beaten the Elite Four and Champion and so I think I can provide an educated opinion if you're still on the fence as to if you should get it or not.

First of all, I think the general consensus is that X and Y both provide an experience that is both fresh and new. That is to say, the standard pokémon formula is still there (that we know and love), but they've made significant changes that make it feel a little something more than the next standard edition of pokémon you need to keep up on. A few of these changes include: the new look to combat (not just sprites anymore!), the new EV-training system (Super Training), Pokémon Amie (which actually has some impact in battles based on a pokémon's affection towards you), customizeable main characters and of course the new edition of pokémon added to this generation.

Such cute clothes!!!
In general, the new generation doesn't bother me nearly as much as the past couple of generations. Some of them still look a bit too out there, but just the look of them seems to fit more in with Generation 2... what do you think? Also, I really enjoy the variety of pokémon you can encounter in the world right from the beginning. In past games you'd have to unlock the national dex in order to have access to any of the Kanto pokémon, or others would simply be missing unless you transferred them from past cartridges. Here, you can encounter all sorts of surprises which I thoroughly loved! They didn't just focus on rubbing your face in the new generation, but shared the love, haha!

Team Flare (the newest team of baddies) are pretty weird. That's all I can really say about them. They're not too hard to beat, they want to make the world beautiful and yet they look like a disaster and the overall storyline attributed to them isn't all that provoking. To be honest, I really liked Black and White's storylines by comparison.

There are 'photo spots' now where you can take photos of your character with the 3DS camera.
Gym fights aren't too bad either. I think I got stuck on a couple for a few minutes but could sweep the other teams with just one or two pokémon. I think the reason for this is the new EXP share. Rather than attaching it to one pokémon, EXP share can now be turned on and off from the Key Items menu and will provide all pokémon in the party with EXP during the battle. That way your team levels at the same time and you don't end up with really unbalanced numbers if you just end up preferring one teammate over all the rest.

Along with this however, are the Elite Four battles. Never have I ever had such an easy Elite Four and Champion sweep in my entire pokémon career (lol). I usually have to grind my face into them until I finally get a break! To start, you don't fight them in a straight line anymore but can choose what order you want to fight them. This allows you to front-load your team for the first time going through, rather than not knowing what to expect during the first run. The types are Fire, Water, Steel and Dragon. All these types are easy to deal with, especially dragon which now cannot affect Fairy types. With Lapras I was able to take care of both the Fire and Dragon elites. Gogoat for Water. Delphox and Mega Lucario for Steel. The Champion seemed to be a pushover as well, even with Mega Gardevoir...

I haven't delved into end-game too much, but that's when you get access to the new Safari Zones. You can't access your own, but those of your friends only who only have access to one type and 3 different pokémon. The zones are uninspiring, with just a square patch of grass that's surrounded by a wooden fence. Either way start trading those Friend Codes!!!

The Pokémon League
In all I'm very satisfied with this game so far. I've already resolved to make a "Big Fatties" team, as well as an all-dogs team! I would recommend picking it up if you have a 3DS or plan on getting one.


  1. I love the screen grabs, it really let's you see what you are talking about. nice!

  2. I'm surprised you had such an easy time with the Elite 4. While it wasn't exactly difficult, it certainly wasn't a breeze for me. That being said, your team sounds a lot more balanced than mine was.