Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Tiki (Fire Emblem Awakening) Progress Post #1

Hi everyone! I've finally gotten started on my Tiki cosplay and I'm super excited to share some photos with you!!

I started on the bracers first because I could get to the fabric store just then (and tbh I was a little nervous in sewing as usual so I procrastinated). This is my first time working with craft foam in making it look like.. something like... armor! I chose Tiki mainly because she didn't have too much of it, so I was able to feel comfortable in trial and error without buying too much material.

While I did prime the foam an off-white, I chose yellow in case the gold paint I got was a little too sheer (which it was). The yellow made for a good base, though in normal cases I guess you'd layer on the gesso until it was opaque. This was also my first time trying to weather something and I don't think it turned out very nice (up close) but I believe that was mainly due to the weird designs Tiki has on her bracers.

I was expecting almost elvish swirly leaf designs but instead they're these weird square shapes like a retarded leopard. I suppose they're supposed to be like scales? After I zoomed in on my reference photo I couldn't unsee the design anymore so I felt like I had to go with it. The bracers are fastened with velcro.

Initially I wanted to make a dragonstone with an acrylic ball and some paint, but when I went to the craft store the attendant said they only carried balls like that during Christmas season.. weird... So I would this glass decoration as an alternative that I actually really like! It has this cracked look which I think suits a mystical egg very well. The colour is a bit off, but i think the transparency and design still makes it worthwhile and interesting! Colour can be handled in post-processing anyways...

Next I went on to maker her headpiece. At first I wanted to make it out of paper clay (that air dries so I wouldn't have to bake it). I made an outline out of paper and judged it against my wig head. Immediately I didn't like how it looked because it didn't look dainty enough and was worried how I would attach it to my head. Finally I decided to make a craft foam version and I like the result a whole lot more (bottom right)!

The gem was really easy to do and I'm happy it didn't cost me a thing. I used some red construction paper as a base and then created the shape out of hot glue. The paper gives it a flat backing so it's easy to mount on things and won't ruin the surface (table, etc.) that you're working on. The result was a translucent pink oval that looked okay on its own, but for some added oopmh I coated it with a couple layers of red nail polish and a top coat to keep it from chipping/giving it a nice shine. I used the nail polish method for my Synchronocity Rin cosplay on a silver metal necklace and it worked like a charm there too! Definitely recommend this if you can't afford resin and don't need anything too complicated or large.

Finally I'm happy to say that I've started the dress! At this point I've cut and sewn most of it (including a zipper at the back that will be hidden by my cape). Just have to dart and adjust some areas as I've recently lost some weight. I'll do another update once the dress is finished (though I kinda wish I bought a stretchy fabric.. but the colour was nice soooo).

I'll see you all very soon! Stay cool in this heat!


  1. What convention are you wearing Tiki at? :D

    1. Haven't decided yet! I'll definitely have it for Katsucon though!

  2. oh my gosh "retarded leopard" LOOL
    i love your wip posts!
    i'll be starting a fire emblem cosplay too soon!

    1. Haha yaaa dem leopard spots XDD... and thank you!
      Which character will you be doing? Will I see you at a con perhaps? :)