Sunday, 30 June 2013

Tiki Fire Emblem Awakening Cosplay Progress

Strangely enough I don't have many cosplay conventions to attend this summer so I've decided to take up another project: Tiki from Fire Emblem Awakening!

I've watched my brother play the past Fire Emblem games, so I'm somewhat familiar with them but Awakening is my first official Fire Emblem game. When you catch a glimpse of Tiki during the story quests I thought she was really beautiful and intriguing! I've been looking for an excuse to wear pointed ears for a cosplay for forever to so I'm really excited to wear some now!

It's a very girly cosplay for me! I typically end up doing the tomboy characters in groups, or the cold types when solo. Tiki seems to be a very calm and feminine character in this game... it's a nice change of pace! This costume will present some new challenges for me too! I already know how to make shoe covers, so now I can expand with different length boots. It'll also be my first time making gloves from scratch!

For the cape I really hope Genniieeee can give me some insight in how she did her Meruru cape hehe, it's nice to have talented friends who might be able to help you!

This wigs (I'm using 2 because I couldn't find one online with a ponytail premade that I liked) are on it's way already. I've purchased the red material I'll need (boots will have a zipper this time! eeeek!!), the elf ears I'm using are here and the thigh highs I ordered have been shipped too!

 (The ears are from Aradani, and I was too impatient to put glue on so they might not be at the right angle lol)

As I go along I'll do my best to capture my processes and which tutorials I used! I'm really excited for this costume since many of my friends are also doing Fire Emblem this year..! I'll be getting to work soon so stay tuned!!

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  1. Wow! I can't wait to see this cosplay! Your blog is really awesome and your cosplays are great as well!