Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Aqualillies for tarte Amazonian clay waterproof eye and cheek palette Review

WHOA WHAT A LONG NAME! This was created with the USA's synchronized swimming team the Aqualillies in order to create a palette worthy of the spring and summer months! Apparently all the shades are waterproof, which should make it ideal for the pool. I saw it on the Sephora website and was coveting it until I saw it in store while I was in Vegas!

The palette offers six eyeshadows, a champaign-coloured highlighter, a bronzer and a unique blush only available in this palette. Pretty damn good for the price ($46 CAD) when one of their blushes costs $31 CAD! Two of the six shadows are a brown matte, which is always nice. I hate it when the palette is all shimmery! The lighter shades work well as highlights without being glittery, although sadly the only unique colour (the blue/teal) doesn't show up as vibrantly as it does in the pan. That was a bit disappointing really...

The blush is what you would expect from tarte's amazing Amazonian clay blushes. Pigmented, gorgeous, wearable colour that lasts a long time! The highlighter is a typical champagne colour, but it works well with my fair skin to give me a nice glow. The bronzer was a new experience for me, as I typically stay away from them with my pale skin. When slowly built up, I think it can work as a good contour colour.

When I compare the formula to my other palettes, Urban Decay NAKED is still a lot more buttery smooth, but the tarte Aqualillies palette does well to give me a smooth application. I'd say the shades are a little smoother than my Lorac Pro palette but give around the same payoff with some of the matte shades.

The overall aesthetic of the palette is very retro and all-in-all just pretty. I love the packaging and the large mirror. Sadly it doesn't come with an eyeshadow brush but these shades are easy to apply with my fingers. The compact is large and easy to hold in one hand. It's also very travel friendly as it has all your essentials in one area. More space for your luggage!

Whether they are waterproof or not I cannot say for sure. The shadows rub off throughout the day though.

In all I really like this palette! It's pretty standard for colours, but it's handy to have everything in one cute package. I've been using this everyday for work!

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