Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Anime North 2013

OH MAN HAVE I BEEN BUSY! With work and moving into a new house, Anime North kind of snuck up on me! My blogging has taken a hit because of it I guess... Haven't been posting as much!

I went Friday to Sunday as usual. This year we got to stay at the Doubletree which was AMAZING considering your feet are dying by the end of the day. It's nice to go straight from the con to your room!

Anyways we managed to get in a little early on Friday which was lucky! I had a league of legends lounge shoot with VickyBunnyAngel and some other lovely ladies, so as soon as we got in I had to start getting ready to be Ironscale Shyvana! It was very private, classy and TONS of fun! I live for photoshoots nowadays.. probably more than the convention itself! I love creating photos with other people haha

Teemo kicked our butts ;3;
VickyBunnyAngel so cute <3
Smoldering makeup.. I'm not used to having such dark eyes! 
I really hope I can get around to making the armor.. I just have NO money and I really wanted to use worbla.. maybe someday. After the shoot my feet hurt from the heels (I'm a big wimp hoho) so I was just in kigurumi for the rest of the night! We played Monster Hunter with a random guy in the Doubletree and watched the K-ON! movie (SO GOOD). It was a really chill Friday for a convention.

Saturday was a little crazier, I had a couple shoots planned for Kirin and I wanted to try an elaborate makeup so I got up a bit earlier. I was surprised that many people recognized the character! The game's been out for a long time on the PSP.. and it's not related to Tri at all (which I feel is why MonHun is more popular now)?

After I had my shoot with Thomas, CourtoonXIII and Chinasaur came for their shoot! I was so excited to see theeeeemmm! Haven't seen each other since Youmacon! I want to go to more US cons, but again it's all money...

They're such cutie butts I can't even! They helped my dad out, which i really appreciate too.. hopefully we'll see the cut interviews sometime soon! We got to hang out even more after I got out of Kirin which I was so happy for.. ahhh it was great.

Had dinner with moetron, brother and boyfriend in kigurumis at swiss chalet... somehow we kept missing each other at the convention.. We were all pretty busy I guess!

Sunday I spent the as much time with Sachie, Genie, Ringo and Karameru as I could. Chinasaur and CourtoonXIII tagged along with us to our Pokémon trainer shoot.

I seriously need to cosplay with Karameru moooore <3 Best girlfriend.
It was a lot of fun cause we got to goof around a bunch hehe! After that shoot I'm afraid to say I had to leave an hour later. I can't wait for more photos to pop up though!

This year was a lot more relaxed in some ways than it had been in past years. I had many more organized shoots which was nice but less time in costume. My eyes are so sensitive that I can't wear them for too long.. and if I'm not wearing contacts for the character than I feel incomplete! So I think I struck a nice balance this year.

Next year I might not go though, solely for the reason that I'd like to save up for a large US convention like AX or Katsucon... preferable both.. or even Colossalcon! I'd like to make even more costumes too.. I just need to pick and choose I guess...

And that's it for this year! As usual, you can see more photo on my FACEBOOK PAGE

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