Monday, 29 April 2013

Kariya Park (& Birthday)

Yesterday I went to Kariya! The weather was overcast (it was even pouring when we left;;) and a bit chilly but it didn't stop us from having a good time. I was dressed as Ema Skye for the first time (I hastily cut the wig the night before like the good cosplayer that I am...)! It was pretty fun being in a lab coat hehe! The wig was surprisingly a pain because it was long and her half bun thing wouldn't cooperate. A good learning experience for AN though!

I got there a little earlier than the people I was planning on meeting up with (Mao and Karameru hehe, slowpokes!). I was really happy and surprised to run into my buddy Thomas and Genie from Moetron (She has an art blog here)! I didn't think they would be coming! I spent most of the day goofing around with them and Thomas snagged some nice shots I think.

Genie is my inner hipster child haha
Poor Thomas had to get dragged around by me haha, thanks ; v ;
I derp a lot when taking photos. Genie was sniping me without me knowing haha~
Also this costume was given to me by a sponsor. I might get new pants though as they're not long enough.
It'll have to do.
My birthday was the day before so I was even more excited to see Sachie make a visit even though she's really busy at home and work! It was really nice of her to make time for me! ; v ; In fact, many people wished me a happy birthday which was really nice, so thank you!

Mao, Karameru, Tomomi and the rest finally got there so it was fun getting to see people who I haven't talked to since November for the most a.part! School keeps us all busy, though hopefully that will change now that it's summer. They're really funny and bright people, so they brought a little more sunshine into that overcast day :'D

Luan and Mao in the back, Genie on the right. We're all a bunch of derps hehe
I always end up duckfacing when taking photos with Karameru and I wonder if it's because
she's so pretty haha. I need to work harder LOL
Kariya park itself was an interesting location. It's a japanese style garden with a shrine and various interesting ponds to work with. Usually this time of year there are cherry blossoms so I was told, but because of our crappy Canadian weather we missed them in time for the event.. they might bloom in May hopefully! It was my first time going, but I really liked the venue as it was tucked away from the busy main street and surrounded by a nice looking fence. There were still some regular people walking around but overall us cosplayers had the run of the place mostly to ourselves! In nicer weather I'd like to visit again, perhaps with more props so we can reenact a crime scene or something!

I didn't have my t3i on me because everything is packed away due to my family's move, so I was bad and forgot to take pictures of the park. I got you some turtles though! And some Mao!

It started pouring when we left for bubble tea in Mississauga so Thomas was kind enough to give me a drive back to the station. I missed the train though.. had to wait an hour in the cold for the next one..

If you'd like to see more photos from the shoot, you can visit my Facebook page! I should be able to upload them starting this week. Until next time!

We're so street fashion!

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