Friday, 12 April 2013

What I've been up to

Yesterday I got to spend some time with my friend Jen! I don't think I've seen her since our Bakemonogatari shoot back in November. Everyone's been really busy this year, so it can't be helped I guess.

We went shopping at Eatons! Initially I was looking for a dress suitable for the League of Legends lounge shoot at AN that I'm being a part of with VickyBunnyAngel and a bunch of other really classy ladies! It's going to be a lot of fun!
The shoot will be based on the photo below. It's the thought of what the League ladies do in between matches, or to wind down after a hard day on Summoner's Rift:

I found this dress in my closet though! I think Shyvana's a tough lady who wouldn't reveal too much skin. The blue could represent her loyalty to Demacia and I think the orange and red designs work well with her identity as a dragon (kinda looks like a fire burst). Plus, I like the idea of a tough girl not letting a dress in the way of her being rowdy. One of the shots I'm taking is arm wrestling so I think it'd be a funny image! It's a little loud but I think in a dark setting it'll blend in alright.

I'm also heading to Vegas in early May so I need to update my wardrobe with some more big girl clothes haha. I want to get away from the jeans and a t-shirt style I've always worn. Bring on the dresses!

I ADORE THIS DRESS! I don't own anything like it and I think it's very classy. A good dress for going around town while still looking like you put in a little effort. It was rather cheap too! I always like it when dresses come with belts.. that way I don't have to worry about buying one hehe.. My boyfriend gave me some money for my birthday, so it's an early birthday present.

We also had some delicious bubble tea and then went over to Jen's place! Ahhhhh a girl's company is so nice.. We played around with her makeup and we took some silly pictures in some of her wigs (most on her computer haha).

The wig I'm wearing reminds me a lot of Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite! The wig itself was soooo nice. So silky and soft...

Jen owns a lot of alpaca plushies.. they are the most wonderful things to cuddle with!
I want to hang out again really soon! It was a really nice break before I start studying for my exams again. To be honest I find that exams are less stressful than essay season. I have some time to actually breathe.

That being said I'll be really busy when I get back home. My family is moving to a different house so a lot of my cosplay stuff is being packed away until June! I'm only able to have a little box in the garage for any cosplay things I might need for AN and other small events until then. I'll be attending one (or both) of the cosplay picnics this month in Mississauga (April 27, 28). I'll be going as Ema Skye from Apollo Justice and Kirin from Monster Hunter. I'll try to do some more updates closer to, but I hope to see you there!

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