Thursday, 28 April 2011

Happy Birthday to Me~!

So yesterday was my nineteenth birthday!PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket It wasn't too special, just spent a lot of time with family. Photobucket

 Obligatory camwhore shot since I felt pretty Photobucket (sorry for the messy living room haha~ Most of the bags have things for my dad's work in them)

We went to a greek themed restaurant! Sadly they got my order wrong,Photobucket but I tried to make the most of it..Photobucket The restaurant itself was very pretty! There were paintings everywhere and they had cool booths (shaped in a semi-circle) My mom also said I had to have my first martini, so I picked something safe:

It's peach flavored ;) it was actually very good! I'm not much of a drinker, so looking at all the drinks was a little frustrating haha

We also had birthday cake waiting at home for us! I love the icing on birthday cake soooo much!!

I especially loved the flowers on top.. and there was custard in between layers~~ I had too much XD

And now for the GETS!
A Coach purse, a pack of pokemon cards, a case for my camera, the actual camera (which my parents went half-in for), a hand-held massager and Katamari Forever!
The massager has these weird prong things.. and it vibrates haha. My brother got it for me because my legs always lock up and get stiff.
And the purse my nana got for me! I don't really follow brand names, but it's nice to have something trendy if I ever decide to dress up.Photobucket It's only big enough to hold the essentials though.

All in all it was a great day! Many people wished me happy birthday over twitter and facebook, so I'm very grateful to them! It really made me feel specialPhotobucket

And now a shot of my new dog! (He acts more like a puppy though haha~)

Monday, 25 April 2011


.... came in!Photobucket

comparison with the size of my hand:

 Pose! I need to workout and diet so that I'm not as soft in the middle haha. I mean, I'm not fat by any means but I could look better. I'll at least try though (I've never been good at losing weight).Photobucket

When I was packing it away, our new dog Bosley came to pay a visit! I've actually known him for a long time, but my boyfriend's family couldn't keep him any longer so we took him in.Photobucket He's a golden retriever, but he was the runt of the litter so his fur is white (when clean) and he's a little shorter.

On another note, I've spent the last couple of days catching up with friends and helping with the dog, so I've been very busy. It's not going to get any less busier since Wednesday is my birthday and apparently some of my old friends have organized a party for me and another friend who has their birthday around the same time! I'm looking forward to seeing my old friends from highschool.

Until Next Time!

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Your Highness + exams.

Today I had my philosophy exam! I wasn't too nervous because I did really well on the midterm and the prof said that the format for the test would be the same.Photobucket It wasn't too bad when I got in. The room was a little cold though.. don't know about you guys but if it's too cold/warm in the classroom then I find it hard to concentrate..

I don't know what the process is for how I see if I've passed or failed the course.. I imagine they'd post something on the course website? I have just one more exam on Thursday and then I leave for home on Friday!Photobucket I'm anxious to be back home..

After my exam I went to see Your Highness with some friends from school! I haven't been to the movies in a while so it was nice to get out of my room.

The movie itself was.. weird. It was a parody of all the romantic medieval times movies you've ever seen. Crude language and nudity almost every scene.. suggestion of drugs and fellatioPhotobucket and it's only 14A. Not what I expected... lol. I tried to enjoy it though, while squirming in my seat a bit, since my friend Kelly invited me.Photobucket If you're into that type of humor then I suppose go ahead and enjoy it!

Afterwards Elodie and I went and looked around the mall the theatre was attached to. I wanted to find a pouch to keep my camera from being scratched so we went into the Source. Didn't find any that suited my taste, but on the way out we saw this guy! PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

Isn't he cute?? He's an iPod dock... I think he's supposed to be a panda? XD

Until next time!

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Exercises for a Slimmer Waist and Thighs

These pages were taken from Cosmopolitan Sept. 2010 and April 2011 issues.

You can click on the images for a larger version!

For me, the hardest areas to slim down are my thighs, waist and abs. People always say I'm built to last lol... but I still want to slim down!
Cianna asked me to scan the one she saw in one of my earlier posts, so I thought I might add another! So here it is, I hope it helps anyone else in their quest to become thinner. Good luck!

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Revlon: Mad About Mango

I recently obtained some new colours to my nail polish collection! Thanks to my mom who went out and bought these for me when she was putting together my parcel. I was excited to try them and decided on the cute pink-orange one! It seems perfect for spring and the weather's been so lovely lately that I thought it would be perfect!

Revlon can be purchased at most drugstores that carry nail polishes or lacquers. It's fairly inexpensive too, which is nice because I know some polishes can be shockingly expensive for around the same amount.

Company/Product name: Revlon/Mad About Mango
The Promise: A polish that needs only two coats and will smell like mangoes after it is completely dry.

Verdict: Application was alright. The first coat was streaky and uneven, but the second coat turned out alright.Photobucket I found it dries rather quickly, and was happily surprised since I hate waiting. However, I wouldn't recommend trying to smell it until it's completely dry, or else you'll inhale the standard bad-smelling chemical stuff.

As for if it actually smells or not, I'd have to say I'm really pleased!Photobucket All traces of the standard 'nail polish smell' is gone and replaced with a mild and pleasant scent of mango. It isn't overwhelming at all! In fact, on one hand I tried putting a top coat on one hand and not the other. The nails with the top coat was much more subdued than the one without the top coat, but there were still traces of that nice fruity scent there. All in all I'd say a 3.7/5 rank. There are higher quality polishes out there, but it's main selling point works, so that's gotta be something, right? Although while it's quite a neat idea, I've seen some other brands have started to do this as well.

As for chipping, it depends on whether you want the top coat or not. A clear top coat makes a lot of difference! It's all up to how much you want to be able to smell it after you're done. I mean, if you want to mask the scent of the polish, then it would make sense to buy another.. higher quality polish than this one, since the scent is it's main feature..
The colour itself is flirty and cute, perfect for springtime!Photobucket I'm excited to try out the other ones I have now that I know the scent part works!

If you decide to try it out, please let me know your thoughts!

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Parcel from the family

 I received a parcel from my family! PhotobucketMy mom told they were going to send one, but I didn't think they'd send so much haha! I was really excited when I saw it! (I don't get mail often, so it's always special when something comes in for me... that isn't a bill lol)

My mom is really enthusiastic when it comes to this kind of thing!! I think she's very cute haha.. sometimes it's a little embarrassing, but I'd rather her like this than being a mother who hates my hobbies and yells at me all the time.Photobucket

So this is what I saw when I opened it up!! My little brother was the one who decorated my name on some paper. He wrote a really cute message inside for me too!

There was a lot of weird stuff in there.. normal things that would need to be restocked like tissues and q-tips haha.. but also some comfort food (which I shouldn't be eating ;D) and lots of other things!!
I though it would be nice to spread it all out so you could take a look.. perhaps I'm a little too excited?? :S

Also, sorry for my foot protruding in the picture.. I'm a little lazy for photoshopping it out.. haha~~

I think the things I was most excited about were the nail polishes and the band-aids. I have a really bad habit of biting the skin around my nails whenever I'm stressed, nervous or thinking.. and it gets so bad to the point of them bleeding sometimes.. So I use bandaids to cover them up. I've even started doing my nails every so often as an attempt to guilt trip myself into not chewing on them. Why would I want to destroy pretty nails?? ;P

As for how it's working or not.. I can't really tell... since I think I even chew my cuticles during the night when I'm sleeping! I'll keep trying my best though.. because I don't want to have ugly scars later.

Anyways, I've obtained a bit of everything here.. there are even some canned tuna and crackers in the mix!! Haha, I've never tried this.. but there are two kinds mom sent me.. so maybe I should compare themPhotobucket I've heard it's good for you! Hmmm... it'd be a joke though ;D For fun!

Although, speaking of reviews, I'd like to try it seriously sometime.Photobucket I mean, I'm too chicken to buy beauty products from overseas for now.. but maybe I can practice on things I can get my hands on now! I mean, even in my regular drug store I feel awkard looking at all the beauty products available to me.. so maybe I can help others who feel the same! Would you like this? I think it would be fun not only to do beauty products.. but regular everyday things as well!!

Also, if you see something in stores that you're unsure of, and a university student can afford it, then I don't mind if you share it! I can try it out if I can get my hands on it haha..

Until next time!