Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Revlon: Mad About Mango

I recently obtained some new colours to my nail polish collection! Thanks to my mom who went out and bought these for me when she was putting together my parcel. I was excited to try them and decided on the cute pink-orange one! It seems perfect for spring and the weather's been so lovely lately that I thought it would be perfect!

Revlon can be purchased at most drugstores that carry nail polishes or lacquers. It's fairly inexpensive too, which is nice because I know some polishes can be shockingly expensive for around the same amount.

Company/Product name: Revlon/Mad About Mango
The Promise: A polish that needs only two coats and will smell like mangoes after it is completely dry.

Verdict: Application was alright. The first coat was streaky and uneven, but the second coat turned out alright.Photobucket I found it dries rather quickly, and was happily surprised since I hate waiting. However, I wouldn't recommend trying to smell it until it's completely dry, or else you'll inhale the standard bad-smelling chemical stuff.

As for if it actually smells or not, I'd have to say I'm really pleased!Photobucket All traces of the standard 'nail polish smell' is gone and replaced with a mild and pleasant scent of mango. It isn't overwhelming at all! In fact, on one hand I tried putting a top coat on one hand and not the other. The nails with the top coat was much more subdued than the one without the top coat, but there were still traces of that nice fruity scent there. All in all I'd say a 3.7/5 rank. There are higher quality polishes out there, but it's main selling point works, so that's gotta be something, right? Although while it's quite a neat idea, I've seen some other brands have started to do this as well.

As for chipping, it depends on whether you want the top coat or not. A clear top coat makes a lot of difference! It's all up to how much you want to be able to smell it after you're done. I mean, if you want to mask the scent of the polish, then it would make sense to buy another.. higher quality polish than this one, since the scent is it's main feature..
The colour itself is flirty and cute, perfect for springtime!Photobucket I'm excited to try out the other ones I have now that I know the scent part works!

If you decide to try it out, please let me know your thoughts!

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