Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Parcel from the family

 I received a parcel from my family! PhotobucketMy mom told they were going to send one, but I didn't think they'd send so much haha! I was really excited when I saw it! (I don't get mail often, so it's always special when something comes in for me... that isn't a bill lol)

My mom is really enthusiastic when it comes to this kind of thing!! I think she's very cute haha.. sometimes it's a little embarrassing, but I'd rather her like this than being a mother who hates my hobbies and yells at me all the time.Photobucket

So this is what I saw when I opened it up!! My little brother was the one who decorated my name on some paper. He wrote a really cute message inside for me too!

There was a lot of weird stuff in there.. normal things that would need to be restocked like tissues and q-tips haha.. but also some comfort food (which I shouldn't be eating ;D) and lots of other things!!
I though it would be nice to spread it all out so you could take a look.. perhaps I'm a little too excited?? :S

Also, sorry for my foot protruding in the picture.. I'm a little lazy for photoshopping it out.. haha~~

I think the things I was most excited about were the nail polishes and the band-aids. I have a really bad habit of biting the skin around my nails whenever I'm stressed, nervous or thinking.. and it gets so bad to the point of them bleeding sometimes.. So I use bandaids to cover them up. I've even started doing my nails every so often as an attempt to guilt trip myself into not chewing on them. Why would I want to destroy pretty nails?? ;P

As for how it's working or not.. I can't really tell... since I think I even chew my cuticles during the night when I'm sleeping! I'll keep trying my best though.. because I don't want to have ugly scars later.

Anyways, I've obtained a bit of everything here.. there are even some canned tuna and crackers in the mix!! Haha, I've never tried this.. but there are two kinds mom sent me.. so maybe I should compare themPhotobucket I've heard it's good for you! Hmmm... it'd be a joke though ;D For fun!

Although, speaking of reviews, I'd like to try it seriously sometime.Photobucket I mean, I'm too chicken to buy beauty products from overseas for now.. but maybe I can practice on things I can get my hands on now! I mean, even in my regular drug store I feel awkard looking at all the beauty products available to me.. so maybe I can help others who feel the same! Would you like this? I think it would be fun not only to do beauty products.. but regular everyday things as well!!

Also, if you see something in stores that you're unsure of, and a university student can afford it, then I don't mind if you share it! I can try it out if I can get my hands on it haha..

Until next time!


    SCAN PL0X :D

  2. LOL yaaaa... I'll let you in on all my secrets if you behave nicely ;D

    Although I think I need it more that you. XD