Friday, 1 April 2011

HAUL + mum time♥

I haven't seen my mom in something close to a month. After my last reading week at school, I stopped going home because it was just too expensive and I needed to focus on school work.Photobucket
So today I was really excited because my mum came down and took my out to Yorkdale mall (which has a lot of brands I like, so I wanted to show her around).Photobucket

I needed lots of new clothes for my new full-time job for the summer. My wardrobe isn't what you would call "business casual"... so I needed an overhaul Photobucket

It went surprisingly well actually! I tried on pounds after pounds of clothes and came out with some great outfits! They aren't what I'd usually wear.. but they look pretty cute :3

Sorry.. but I must say that THE WASHROOMS WERE SO COOL!!!
There were lights underneath a pane of glass (no actual sink!) and the water would run down the glass and into a drain.. I've never seen anything so weird beforePhotobucket
We also stopped for some bubble tea after dropping in at H&M. It was my mom's first time having it, so I'm happy that she said she liked the taste. I like passion fruit flavored :3
For lunch we went to the Rainforest Café. I haven't been to one in years so I thought it might be fun. They have one downtown Niagara Falls, I remember.. they're all quite similar. For those who don't know, this café is rainforest themed. The place is decorated like a jungle, with animated robot animals that move around every so often. Around every hour (I think) a 'storm' comes and the lights flash with sounds of thunder overhead.
There are fountains and sheets of water that fall from the ceiling. It's all really cool! Only when we were to be seated, the waitress led us to a table with some robot gorillas. They creeped me out so much and I actually jumped when they did their little animated routine.Photobucket My mom was laughing at me.. but I couldn't help it-- they were just looming over our table with their big black eyes........ ughhhh *shiver shiver*

There were all these huge tanks of fish too! I wanted to take a picture with the largest one, so mom told me to make a fishy face XD;; I think I failed a little..

So here's what I got!!
There are a lot of neutral tones hunh? I went to only two stores: H&M and Smartset.
Lots of tees, cardigans, pants........ yep... I think I did good considering I don't try to coordinate usually. It's not my everyday style too. I'll be working in an office (I get my own cubby!!) so I have to look... mature? older? chic? I don't know....


Trust me, they look a lot better on than they do precariously tossed on my bed haha..

So that's it for now! I'll see you later♥

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