Saturday, 26 March 2011

Kirin Cosplay Progress

So I took some photos today of my Kirin cosplay! I'll be wearing this at Anime North this year :3
I don't have access to a full body mirror , so you'll have to bear with me as I show you a couple close -ups.
For anyone who doesn't know Kirin, this is what she looks like:
The sword is being made by my commissioner.

I somehow managed to finally put on my falsies!! Hurray for progress! (the next step is to get over my fear of circle lenses D:) As for my makeup, I used a combo of browns, golds and purples to create some depth to my eye.

So here are a couple shots:

This was just a test shot to see how the makeup blended in with the wig. It's one of my favourite ;D

Once again, sorry for the lack of full-body shots.. maybe it gives you something to look forward to? haha. I'm also working on toning my lower body, as I don't feel confident enough yet to strut my stuff in front of you all. I'll do my best to bring you lots of nice photos though!

The costume itself is very comfortable. There are a couple of loose spots that I'll have to look after, but overall it fits very nicely and doesn't really slide around. The loincloth itself is especially nice, since I don't think it'll flap around in the wind... hopefully. (cross my fingers for a wind-less convention haha)
Getting it on is another story.. there are buckles and snaps all over the place where I can't reach. I'll have to get my boyfriend to help when I go to put on the sleeves and such.

My boyfriend will be cosplaying in Rajang beside me, so we'll be making a lovely pair of thunder and lightning :3

Also, while I was getting ready, I noticed a couple of deer outside my residence window!

They were so cute and graceful!! I always feel content whenever I see a glimpse of wildlife.
They kept jumping in and out of my neighbors yard. There was also a guy following them with a camera, so I don't think they'll be visiting me often.

It's too bad I didn't have any pok├ęballs or else I could have caught myself a Deerling!! (LOL)

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