Thursday, 24 March 2011

My Figure Shopping List♥

Here are some of the companies I like the most and some figures I've been keeping an eye on for a long time :3 I'll try to slowly accumulate these over the years, with even more additions I'm sure, until I have a nice collection worth displaying somewhere in my future house... I'm super envious of Alodia's colletion. If only I had the money!! ;^;

Hit the jump for pics

 Usually I go for characters that I know and love! But sometimes a really pretty figure catches my eye.. and then I *have* to investigate!! XD;;
I'm sure just from these snapshots, you can already tell what are my favourite features in a figure haha..
Also, I'm not too fond of nendroids or figmas USUALLY. I'd rather it be a sculpted piece of art.. then having a chance at me breaking some of the pieces when trying to assemble a figma D;
(Plus I think PVC is cuter.. >3>)

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