Friday, 25 March 2011

Shots we need to get for Madoka cos

So I've been really excited for an upcoming cosplay my group [Sachie, Jean, Ringo and now a recruit, Jada] will be doing in August! It's from Puella Magi Madoka Magica!

I will be Sayaka (blue), Ringo's Mami (yellow), Sachie's Homura (purple), Jean's Madoka (pink) and Jada's Kyoko (red). I'm really looking forward to this!

We're planning on having cosplay making parties throughout summer, which is good because while I can sew I'm terrible at drafting! Jean and Sachie have more experience than I do.. so I'll be depending on them alot..

We've also been asked for a photoshoot with a very talented photographer. He's shot Jean before and his photos look lovely! I know ours will turn out just as great.

Anyways! Here are some shot ideas that I think we should do!

Standard single shots:
  • Normal/happy or confident
  • Conflicted/when shit goes down 
  • Mami with a red ribbon(s) tied around her neck. She's looking off to the side or downcast. (Representing her death) the ribbons would be pulled taught and held off camera.. as if the ribbons are what's holding her up.
I'm a fan of those before and after shots of the girls when at first they're everyday girls and then once they realize their fate (when Mami dies/Sayaka turns into a witch). That agony I think would be very interesting to work with.. as we could manipulate lighting for that creepy effect.


Couple shots:
  • Madoka x Homura (apparent love interest)
  • Madoka x Mami (apparent love interest)
  • Madoka x Sayaka (since they're school friends)
  • Homura x Mami (because they're rivals/enemies)
  • Sayaka x Kyoko (as mortal enemies.. so.. me getting my ass kicked basically.)
  • Sayaka x Kyoko (when Sayaka's head in Kyoko's lap when she dies.)
Group shots:
  • friendly w/o weapons (although Homura would be slightly off to the side.. as that's her character)
  • w/ weapons
  • and whatever else we can come up with!

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