Friday, 28 October 2011

Nina by Nina Ricci

I remember seeing the advertisement in a magazine when I was younger and actually went out of my way to go to the store to smell this fragrance. I think half of the novelty of perfumes is the bottle. I thought the apple shape was so enchanting and beautiful.. it was only a bonus that the perfume is actually one of my favourites!

I managed to get a really good price on it because there are some sellers that come set up shop at my school sometimes outside of the caf. They usually have huge discounts on some nice items! I was so happy that I found this because I know Nina Ricci's released some other fragrances and I couldn't find this particular one near where I live.

Because can explain the scent better than I can, I referred to their website which describes it as "combining temptation, femininity, and modernity. It's a fresh, fruity floral sprinkled with a tantalizing accord".

I think you get a good amount for what you pay for and it lasts for a good part of the day! It wasn't too strong, but I still felt a little sexy. I think it's a wonderful blend of playful and seductive scents! (plus it'll look really nice on your dresser; it looks super luxurious without being over the top.)

If this seems like something that suits you, then I would totally recommend it! If you have any of the other scents, tell me below if they're any good! I'd like to know.Photobucket

Until next time!

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

a weekend of animal crossing

I went over to my boyfriend's place this weekend! It was a nice break from all of the work I've been doing recently... I played a lot of games and ate a lot of good food~

He goes to Humber College in Toronto.. but his room is really small!!Photobucket I couldn't fit it all in the frame lol It's actually a lot cleaner than my room is though..Photobucket
 I made a character in Animal Crossing: City Folk! Her name's Calael (which is the name I give to all of my characters in videogames :3) And I was quite pleased that her random look came out so cute!!Photobucket I heard that it changes depending on the questions they ask you?
I can say that after playing the game for... 4 hours, that I can safely say that I've experienced Animal Crossing lol... it's kinda therapeutic and a nice switch from Dark Souls.

I tried playing Dark Souls, but I stink... it's too hard.Photobucket Gage told me a cheat where you can use the dragon head to multiply your souls... but I still died a lot. (It wasn't as scary though because I felt overleveled lol) So I mostly played League of Legends and Animal Crossing haha!

I actually managed to collect some cool things.. and I claim myself to be the fishing MASTER.

I actually managed to make my house bigger and find other things too.... but I forgot to take a picture!! Photobucket

I hope I can get a new laptop soon though, because it's been on the fritz lately.. it won't turn on sometimes and crashes often ;A; and next month I have a BUNCH of essays due and tests... so I need my laptop...!Photobucket

I had a lot of fun...! It's nice to spend so much time with someone who loves you.Photobucket

Until next time!

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Hectic workspace and no sleep

So last week was my reading week at school. It's a week where you have no classes, but the teachers assign all of their stuff around it so I find it isn't much of a break.Photobucket I stress easily so it's never really fun..
I had a few projects that were due the same day that involved some extensive research. I now have a small mountain of books beside my chair on the floorPhotobucket.

I took a quick snapshot to give you an idea... You can't see the books off camera..
I didn't get much sleep that week and I'm finding it hard to get back into my usual routinePhotobucket.

On the other hand I did my nails!!Photobucket

It's kinda like a reverse zebra effect? maybe?Photobucket
And I'm going over to my boyfriend's for a few days... I'm looking forward to it!Photobucket

Sorry for the lackluster post! At the same time I wanted to write it down ; w ;

Until next time!

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Figure wish list 2.0

Since I made good progress on my last list, I decided to make a new one! (Also, I've figured out my tastes a little better) The images were taken from AmiAmi.

I've wanted this figure ever since I saw it for pre-order... ;w; The base is so unique and I love her expression!
It's kinda hard NOT to want this since I recently cosplayed her. Also, I love how lightweight she looks, and yet has an unmistakable presence as well.
I love the sense of movement in this figure.. she seems photogenic from every angle.
It's on pre-order.. coming out in March ;A; SHE'S SO DAMN CUTE HERE AGHH.
Again, the base is intriguing and the movement in her stance is nice... I also remember this being one of the first songs I listened to from Miku, so it's pretty nostalgic. Pre-order again..
Can you see a pattern in my figure collection? It seems Vocaloid, BRS or Bakemonogatari related lol ALWAYSPhotobucket.
One day I will own these...Photobucket until then I can only drool over the photos.Photobucket

Until next time!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Turkey Weekend!!

(i'm always late on these things: sorry!!!)
So last weekend was very exciting!!Photobucket

Gage came over and stayed for a couple of nights at my place.Photobucket I hadn't seen him in a while so I was really happy to be spending some time with him! He brought over Dark Souls (sequel to demons souls) for me to try, but I'm afraid I'm not very good at it.Photobucket

On Saturday we went shopping because we both needed some sweaters and a winter jacket! I donated a lot of my clothes to charity because they didn't fit anymore, so I needed some things.
Sadly, he bought more clothes than I did lmao! I guess what's in style right now doesn't really suit my taste...Photobucket
I was really happy because I finally found a cheap copy of Bayonetta!! (I bought used lol) I think she's really cool... her hair turns into a spandex-leather-like body suit! It's a little weird... I like it~

We ate gelato~ I had lime and banana flavours, Gage had cherry cheesecake (a waste of two scoops lol). Gelato is SO tasty!

On Sunday I had the japanese student on my floor, Asuka, over at my house for Thanksgiving.Photobucket (Americans have their thanksgiving in November... But I like ours in October) Asuka's really cute and polite.. she taught us a card game and we taught her some games as well! I was glad she got on well with my parents; who were very impressed with her English.

We ate a lot of turkey...Photobucket

Until next time!

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Nuit Blanche

Hello everyone!
I finally have something worthwhile to blog about!!

So last night I went to Nuit Blanche, which is a very popular art festival in Toronto! I believe it starts at 6 and goes until the sun comes up. It was my first year going, so I didn't really know what to expect. I also heard that it originated in Paris, France which is kinda neat.

We arrived at around 6pm and I snapped a picture as we were walking to dinner.

Suddenly.... people!

It was rather crazy... I've never seen so many people in one place before... even at conventions lol!Photobucket There were many street performers. I believe I took this photo as a man was juggling chainsaws! So dangerous... but he turned out alright. How would you even practice that?!Photobucket

There were so many exhibits and pieces that I couldn't possibly have included them all Photobucket My camera also started running out of battery power so I'm afraid I had to pick and choose.. They were all quite wonderful though!
There was one in particular that blew me away. We rounded a corner and then we were suddenly blasted with all sorts of sounds. In a square were spotlights and strobe lights and a firework would randomly be set off... It was really weird, but especially cool!Photobucket I wish I grabbed a picture of it D:

 went for ice cream here ;w; The store was so cute!!

You'd go in here with an umbrella and come out completely soaked! My friends went in because they're crazy. (it was like... 5 degrees out?Photobucket)

These guys were playing live trance... they were so good ;w; I wanted to start dancing, but a lot of people were walking passed so I felt too shy to do it Photobucket. One of them was playing a violin, but the others transformed it to sound so awesome ;w; I wish I could've stayed longer to listen...Photobucket

The rest of the night was just as great, I'm glad I was able to finally get out of my room for a change lol. Toronto's pretty awesomePhotobucket.

Until next time!