Sunday, 16 October 2011

Figure wish list 2.0

Since I made good progress on my last list, I decided to make a new one! (Also, I've figured out my tastes a little better) The images were taken from AmiAmi.

I've wanted this figure ever since I saw it for pre-order... ;w; The base is so unique and I love her expression!
It's kinda hard NOT to want this since I recently cosplayed her. Also, I love how lightweight she looks, and yet has an unmistakable presence as well.
I love the sense of movement in this figure.. she seems photogenic from every angle.
It's on pre-order.. coming out in March ;A; SHE'S SO DAMN CUTE HERE AGHH.
Again, the base is intriguing and the movement in her stance is nice... I also remember this being one of the first songs I listened to from Miku, so it's pretty nostalgic. Pre-order again..
Can you see a pattern in my figure collection? It seems Vocaloid, BRS or Bakemonogatari related lol ALWAYSPhotobucket.
One day I will own these...Photobucket until then I can only drool over the photos.Photobucket

Until next time!

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