Friday, 28 October 2011

Nina by Nina Ricci

I remember seeing the advertisement in a magazine when I was younger and actually went out of my way to go to the store to smell this fragrance. I think half of the novelty of perfumes is the bottle. I thought the apple shape was so enchanting and beautiful.. it was only a bonus that the perfume is actually one of my favourites!

I managed to get a really good price on it because there are some sellers that come set up shop at my school sometimes outside of the caf. They usually have huge discounts on some nice items! I was so happy that I found this because I know Nina Ricci's released some other fragrances and I couldn't find this particular one near where I live.

Because can explain the scent better than I can, I referred to their website which describes it as "combining temptation, femininity, and modernity. It's a fresh, fruity floral sprinkled with a tantalizing accord".

I think you get a good amount for what you pay for and it lasts for a good part of the day! It wasn't too strong, but I still felt a little sexy. I think it's a wonderful blend of playful and seductive scents! (plus it'll look really nice on your dresser; it looks super luxurious without being over the top.)

If this seems like something that suits you, then I would totally recommend it! If you have any of the other scents, tell me below if they're any good! I'd like to know.Photobucket

Until next time!

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