Thursday, 20 October 2011

Hectic workspace and no sleep

So last week was my reading week at school. It's a week where you have no classes, but the teachers assign all of their stuff around it so I find it isn't much of a break.Photobucket I stress easily so it's never really fun..
I had a few projects that were due the same day that involved some extensive research. I now have a small mountain of books beside my chair on the floorPhotobucket.

I took a quick snapshot to give you an idea... You can't see the books off camera..
I didn't get much sleep that week and I'm finding it hard to get back into my usual routinePhotobucket.

On the other hand I did my nails!!Photobucket

It's kinda like a reverse zebra effect? maybe?Photobucket
And I'm going over to my boyfriend's for a few days... I'm looking forward to it!Photobucket

Sorry for the lackluster post! At the same time I wanted to write it down ; w ;

Until next time!

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