Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Turkey Weekend!!

(i'm always late on these things: sorry!!!)
So last weekend was very exciting!!Photobucket

Gage came over and stayed for a couple of nights at my place.Photobucket I hadn't seen him in a while so I was really happy to be spending some time with him! He brought over Dark Souls (sequel to demons souls) for me to try, but I'm afraid I'm not very good at it.Photobucket

On Saturday we went shopping because we both needed some sweaters and a winter jacket! I donated a lot of my clothes to charity because they didn't fit anymore, so I needed some things.
Sadly, he bought more clothes than I did lmao! I guess what's in style right now doesn't really suit my taste...Photobucket
I was really happy because I finally found a cheap copy of Bayonetta!! (I bought used lol) I think she's really cool... her hair turns into a spandex-leather-like body suit! It's a little weird... I like it~

We ate gelato~ I had lime and banana flavours, Gage had cherry cheesecake (a waste of two scoops lol). Gelato is SO tasty!

On Sunday I had the japanese student on my floor, Asuka, over at my house for Thanksgiving.Photobucket (Americans have their thanksgiving in November... But I like ours in October) Asuka's really cute and polite.. she taught us a card game and we taught her some games as well! I was glad she got on well with my parents; who were very impressed with her English.

We ate a lot of turkey...Photobucket

Until next time!

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