Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Anime North! (Part Two?)

So! I'll start by talking about my figure. At first I was going to rant about how mad I was, since I thought I was scammed... turns out I wasn't though haha~Photobucket Anyways I got the Senjougahara Hitagi figure where the stationary is falling out of her skirt!!Photobucket

What i THOUGHT happened was that I bought a figure without any pegs included (to support some pieces). As I was looking around to find these missing pegs I accidentally leaned over and snapped one of the more delicate pieces of the stationary.Photobucket It's nothing a little glue won't fix and it's barely noticeable so I'm not too worried.

As you can see, I haven't completed putting her together since I still haven't glued back together that one piece.

I was really worried cause I thought they weren't included! Then I would've had to have settled for the lame version where she's just holding a stapler in each hand. So needless to say I'm very relieved!!Photobucket

What else? I found out that there was another Kirin cosplayer at Anime North!!
Looking good! I didn't even know... you NEVER see Monster Hunter at conventions! How exciting!!Photobucket Props to Stephie (i believe this is her) Since she was just as naked as I was that weekend haha :D

If you want to see my cosplay, you'll have to go here!!
But here's a teaser :3
Leggings fail D: I hope you'll forgive me...
There's also a new vlog up on MOETRONcos!!

Until next time!

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Anime North 2011!

Hi everyone, sorry I've been quiet for the past few days... I was at Anime North!

I was really excited for this year because I was going to cosplay as Kirin huntress from Monster Hunter with my boyfriend.Photobucket I've been planning this cosplay for about a year now, so I had high hopes that it would be successful! It was raining on Friday so i didn't want to risk ruining my wig and outfit, so instead we just got our tickets and registered our weapons :3 We also bought what we wanted to get so that we wouldn't have to try and dodge people in the dealer's room haha..

I tried to keep myself calm this year though, since I don't really have much money to spend after all... So I only bought a Senjougahara Hitagi figure and volumes 3 and 4 of Maximum Ride (WHICH IS AWESOME BTW GO READ IT NOW!Photobucket). I have something to say about the figure in my next post though.. 'tis a sad storyPhotobucket.

The cosplay itself was very successful! Many people came up to take our picture and I didn't feel as self-conscious walking around in it for some reason... Although every once in a while when I'd bend over (to pick up my purse or whatever) I'd feel a little shy...Photobucket It was also a little tedious lugging around a huge weapon... but I also felt reaaaaally cool >///////<

We also went to a lot of viewings for new anime I haven't heard of before! I have some things to watch now >:3 I had a lot of fun walking around with my boyfriend and deciding what to do next, even though I get a little intense sometimes haha XD;; I feel bad about that.

Some pics!

Look! It's Jean as Dead Master from BRS! ♥♥♥

Although even though I had a great time cosplaying, the convention itself kind of left me feeling empty.. I wanted to hang out with my friends this weekend since there were promises of fun times, etc... But even though I texted them and tried to seek them out, I couldn't help but feel a little... ditched? left out? I don't know...Photobucket It's happened so much to me with other people that I couldn't help but anticipate it. I know they're good friends, and it's true that I denied their offer to cosplay with them (because I already had plans)... I just wish they would've replied to my texts? Or that we organized somewhere to meet? I guess it was awkward me being with my boyfriend and all. I don't know... I'm definitely going to try harder to hang out with them next time though! I want to cosplay in a group with them and hotel with them...Photobucket
Next time maybe... So even though I had some really good times, it also felt a little incomplete.

Until next time!

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Catching up!

So I was really happy today!! Well, not at first.. but it turned out alright :3 So here's what happened!

At work today, my mom and I were walking to the café to get breakfast when we heard a smack on the window beside us. We went over and saw that it was a hummingbird that had flown into the window...Photobucket Both my mom and I love animals very much, so we were really heart broken that it was hurt!

I managed to encourage my mom to go out there and move it out of the sun and gravel and onto some nearby grass under the shade of a tree. It could still flap its wings and stand on it's feet, so we think it was just dazed a little.. I didn't want to go out myself though because I've never held a bird before, so I thought my mom would be more gentle... I didn't want to hurt it!

Afterwards I felt very good.. I believe things happen for a reason, so I'm glad we helped the bird... I hope it's alright......Photobucket


I updated my youtube!! The first time in like... FOREVER. Sorry about that bytheway.....
Here's the dance! Tell me what you think?? :D

I also joined a group channel with Sachie, Ringo and Jean (known as Lia on the channel)!Photobucket Search us up on YouTube, we're called MOETRONcos haha~~
We've already got a couple of videos up, so feel free to check those out!

Also, Anime North is this weekend!!Photobucket It's supposed to rain so I'm a little sad... but I'll have to make it work... maybe I'll take a taxi to an from the convention each day?Photobucket it would only cost a couple bucks... haha. My cosplay progress video is on the MOETRONcos channel!!

Until next time!

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

A present from Sachie!

I know right? You must be tired of all these haul posts XD;; I'll try to come up with something more interesting soon!Photobucket I'm impressed that I'm keeping up with posts as it is haha

Anyways! I received a present in the mail today from my lovely husbando Sachie!Photobucket We were a little worried because apparently the parcel was taking a long time to get here.Photobucket I always love Sachie's gifts because she has a wonderful sense of humour and she always remembers things that we've talked about. She picks good gifts that mean something.Photobucket (I on the other hand am terrible at picking gifts, and I'm always so worried that they won't like what i get them...)

PhotobucketHere's what I got!Photobucket
 Isn't that a cute card?! We used to exchange letters back and forth, and I always looked forward to what kind of stationary I'd get to see next :3

  One of the face masks I received was this one! I've never seen this kind before.. but I've been going on a face mask adventure recently so I'm really happy that I get to try this one out too! I don't know what it does for you because I can't read Chinese... so I posted the back of the box in case you can and are interested in this product!Photobucket (If you can get the gist then by all means leave a comment so I know too haha!!)

 And then the next thing came in this cute little box!! I guess they're eye masks that prevent wrinkles and gets rid of dark circles? They're so cute.. can't wait to try them!

Thanks Sachie for the wonderful gifts! Now I can even be prettier for you ;D Lets take care of our skin so we look DAMN SMEXY for AN!Photobucket

Until next time!

Sunday, 8 May 2011

MOAR BDAY GIFTS! *insert evil laughter*

So some of the things I ordered arrived in the mail the other day! I kind of consider them a late birthday present to myself hahaPhotobucket I'm really excited to start using them:

Face Masks! I've heard so many good things from ekiblog that I decided to try them out! I ordered the pomegranite and the grape seed ones.Photobucket I'll be trying them out with my mom, so I'll get you guys a couple of different opinions on how it works for... older skin (sorry mom) versus younger skin (or not as old skin lol).

Please look forward to it!

I also receieved....

Mio!! MIO MIO MIO! She's so cute.. so happy *u* It makes ME so happy! It's my first figure from an anime!Photobucket (The others are all from video games/Vocaloid) I told myself  long time ago that I was going to stop buying figures I didn't care about and just focus on the high quality ones! I also distrust nendroids and figmas now because I always feel scared with breaking the small pieces or trying to change the pose. D:

I took another couple of pictures:

I love Alter's version of Mio WAAAAYYY more than any other I've seen. Her hair flows so nicely and the backs of her knees are a dream (lol). But seriously, the details on the base are exactly like how I imagined and her expression befits her character I think. She's not as expressive as Yui, but her cheerful look is very beautiful, which is something i admire about her!

I can't wait to collect more!!!