Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Anime North! (Part Two?)

So! I'll start by talking about my figure. At first I was going to rant about how mad I was, since I thought I was scammed... turns out I wasn't though haha~Photobucket Anyways I got the Senjougahara Hitagi figure where the stationary is falling out of her skirt!!Photobucket

What i THOUGHT happened was that I bought a figure without any pegs included (to support some pieces). As I was looking around to find these missing pegs I accidentally leaned over and snapped one of the more delicate pieces of the stationary.Photobucket It's nothing a little glue won't fix and it's barely noticeable so I'm not too worried.

As you can see, I haven't completed putting her together since I still haven't glued back together that one piece.

I was really worried cause I thought they weren't included! Then I would've had to have settled for the lame version where she's just holding a stapler in each hand. So needless to say I'm very relieved!!Photobucket

What else? I found out that there was another Kirin cosplayer at Anime North!!
Looking good! I didn't even know... you NEVER see Monster Hunter at conventions! How exciting!!Photobucket Props to Stephie (i believe this is her) Since she was just as naked as I was that weekend haha :D

If you want to see my cosplay, you'll have to go here!!
But here's a teaser :3
Leggings fail D: I hope you'll forgive me...
There's also a new vlog up on MOETRONcos!!

Until next time!

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