Sunday, 8 May 2011

MOAR BDAY GIFTS! *insert evil laughter*

So some of the things I ordered arrived in the mail the other day! I kind of consider them a late birthday present to myself hahaPhotobucket I'm really excited to start using them:

Face Masks! I've heard so many good things from ekiblog that I decided to try them out! I ordered the pomegranite and the grape seed ones.Photobucket I'll be trying them out with my mom, so I'll get you guys a couple of different opinions on how it works for... older skin (sorry mom) versus younger skin (or not as old skin lol).

Please look forward to it!

I also receieved....

Mio!! MIO MIO MIO! She's so cute.. so happy *u* It makes ME so happy! It's my first figure from an anime!Photobucket (The others are all from video games/Vocaloid) I told myself  long time ago that I was going to stop buying figures I didn't care about and just focus on the high quality ones! I also distrust nendroids and figmas now because I always feel scared with breaking the small pieces or trying to change the pose. D:

I took another couple of pictures:

I love Alter's version of Mio WAAAAYYY more than any other I've seen. Her hair flows so nicely and the backs of her knees are a dream (lol). But seriously, the details on the base are exactly like how I imagined and her expression befits her character I think. She's not as expressive as Yui, but her cheerful look is very beautiful, which is something i admire about her!

I can't wait to collect more!!!

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