Tuesday, 10 May 2011

A present from Sachie!

I know right? You must be tired of all these haul posts XD;; I'll try to come up with something more interesting soon!Photobucket I'm impressed that I'm keeping up with posts as it is haha

Anyways! I received a present in the mail today from my lovely husbando Sachie!Photobucket We were a little worried because apparently the parcel was taking a long time to get here.Photobucket I always love Sachie's gifts because she has a wonderful sense of humour and she always remembers things that we've talked about. She picks good gifts that mean something.Photobucket (I on the other hand am terrible at picking gifts, and I'm always so worried that they won't like what i get them...)

PhotobucketHere's what I got!Photobucket
 Isn't that a cute card?! We used to exchange letters back and forth, and I always looked forward to what kind of stationary I'd get to see next :3

  One of the face masks I received was this one! I've never seen this kind before.. but I've been going on a face mask adventure recently so I'm really happy that I get to try this one out too! I don't know what it does for you because I can't read Chinese... so I posted the back of the box in case you can and are interested in this product!Photobucket (If you can get the gist then by all means leave a comment so I know too haha!!)

 And then the next thing came in this cute little box!! I guess they're eye masks that prevent wrinkles and gets rid of dark circles? They're so cute.. can't wait to try them!

Thanks Sachie for the wonderful gifts! Now I can even be prettier for you ;D Lets take care of our skin so we look DAMN SMEXY for AN!Photobucket

Until next time!

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