Sunday, 8 May 2011


Recently I've been so busy ;  ^  ;

I just started working full-time for the company my mom works for. You could call it an 'office job'. I'm there for a summer student program they have, where they place you in a departmeny based on your major. I ended up in Technical Publications; which deals in making the manuals for operating and repairing the turrets the company manufactures.

Yaaaa... turrets

They have me working under a woman who edits the manuals and formats them so they look nice and pretty for when they're published. (grunt workPhotobucket) I only know the basics of the basic, but it's pretty neat to think that something I'm working on will eventually be published!Photobucket

I wasn't allowed to take my camera because the people there don't want stuff they're working on to be leaked out (since they make stuff for the gouvernment).Photobucket The place is pretty big, with two kitchens and a cafeteria. I have my own little cubby by the windows, surrounded by other people in cubbys. People can probably hear you breath it's so quiet in there o.o;;

I work 9 hours every day and wake up at 6...Photobucket but I get every other Friday off! And so far, it's been lining pretty good with convention weekends! I'm really excited. I'll basically be paying for next year's tuition Photobucket

That said, I will DEFINITELY be cut down on personal time. Time to learn or record dances will be pushed back I'm afraid. I'll only ever really be available on the weekends D:

On another note:


Until next time!

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