Sunday, 29 May 2011

Anime North 2011!

Hi everyone, sorry I've been quiet for the past few days... I was at Anime North!

I was really excited for this year because I was going to cosplay as Kirin huntress from Monster Hunter with my boyfriend.Photobucket I've been planning this cosplay for about a year now, so I had high hopes that it would be successful! It was raining on Friday so i didn't want to risk ruining my wig and outfit, so instead we just got our tickets and registered our weapons :3 We also bought what we wanted to get so that we wouldn't have to try and dodge people in the dealer's room haha..

I tried to keep myself calm this year though, since I don't really have much money to spend after all... So I only bought a Senjougahara Hitagi figure and volumes 3 and 4 of Maximum Ride (WHICH IS AWESOME BTW GO READ IT NOW!Photobucket). I have something to say about the figure in my next post though.. 'tis a sad storyPhotobucket.

The cosplay itself was very successful! Many people came up to take our picture and I didn't feel as self-conscious walking around in it for some reason... Although every once in a while when I'd bend over (to pick up my purse or whatever) I'd feel a little shy...Photobucket It was also a little tedious lugging around a huge weapon... but I also felt reaaaaally cool >///////<

We also went to a lot of viewings for new anime I haven't heard of before! I have some things to watch now >:3 I had a lot of fun walking around with my boyfriend and deciding what to do next, even though I get a little intense sometimes haha XD;; I feel bad about that.

Some pics!

Look! It's Jean as Dead Master from BRS! ♥♥♥

Although even though I had a great time cosplaying, the convention itself kind of left me feeling empty.. I wanted to hang out with my friends this weekend since there were promises of fun times, etc... But even though I texted them and tried to seek them out, I couldn't help but feel a little... ditched? left out? I don't know...Photobucket It's happened so much to me with other people that I couldn't help but anticipate it. I know they're good friends, and it's true that I denied their offer to cosplay with them (because I already had plans)... I just wish they would've replied to my texts? Or that we organized somewhere to meet? I guess it was awkward me being with my boyfriend and all. I don't know... I'm definitely going to try harder to hang out with them next time though! I want to cosplay in a group with them and hotel with them...Photobucket
Next time maybe... So even though I had some really good times, it also felt a little incomplete.

Until next time!

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  1. oh don't feel that way :<
    yeah sometimes I can't get a hold on people after texting them during AN (no reply and all)

    cosplay with friends is fun =)