Tuesday, 25 October 2011

a weekend of animal crossing

I went over to my boyfriend's place this weekend! It was a nice break from all of the work I've been doing recently... I played a lot of games and ate a lot of good food~

He goes to Humber College in Toronto.. but his room is really small!!Photobucket I couldn't fit it all in the frame lol It's actually a lot cleaner than my room is though..Photobucket
 I made a character in Animal Crossing: City Folk! Her name's Calael (which is the name I give to all of my characters in videogames :3) And I was quite pleased that her random look came out so cute!!Photobucket I heard that it changes depending on the questions they ask you?
I can say that after playing the game for... 4 hours, that I can safely say that I've experienced Animal Crossing lol... it's kinda therapeutic and a nice switch from Dark Souls.

I tried playing Dark Souls, but I stink... it's too hard.Photobucket Gage told me a cheat where you can use the dragon head to multiply your souls... but I still died a lot. (It wasn't as scary though because I felt overleveled lol) So I mostly played League of Legends and Animal Crossing haha!

I actually managed to collect some cool things.. and I claim myself to be the fishing MASTER.

I actually managed to make my house bigger and find other things too.... but I forgot to take a picture!! Photobucket

I hope I can get a new laptop soon though, because it's been on the fritz lately.. it won't turn on sometimes and crashes often ;A; and next month I have a BUNCH of essays due and tests... so I need my laptop...!Photobucket

I had a lot of fun...! It's nice to spend so much time with someone who loves you.Photobucket

Until next time!



  2. You are a real fan of animal crossing as me. I love this game and very happy to see your post. I got this game from PIJ. Its amazing for preorder :)