Thursday, 3 November 2011

Shatter nail polish by O.P.I

Hi everyone! Today I'll be showing you guys the shatter nail polish I bought recently!
If you haven't heard of this nail polish yet, then let me enlighten you: You put a coat of this special polish on your nail to create a 'cracked' look. The polish separates when it's drying to create a unique look on each nail. It comes in many different colours and looks very cool when applied on top of a solid shade.

This polish is good for creating an edgy look and it will always look different! And because there are tons of different colours, it doesn't always have to look dark. (I just took these pictures at hallowe'en, but you can switch it up)

(I also got it in blue, which I'll post some pictures of some other time.)

The only complaint I have is that it can be a little messy when it 'cracks' (as you can see form the picture above). Also, you can see that it stripped some of the green polish from my index finger, although I'm sure it might react differently with other brands or polishes..
It dries very quickly so be sure to apply it in one or two even coats! Also, be sure to let the base colour (in this case green) dry completely before applying the shatter polish on top.

I find it very interesting and it's no wonder it's a popular polish! I'm glad I'm finally able to try it for myself now haha.

Until next time!

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  1. I love shatter polishes! :D and pretty nails!