Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Centre Island Cosplay Picnic!

Hi everyone!

Last Saturday I went to the Centre Island cosplay picnic in Toronto! I always try to make it every year since it's a really fun and casual event! You always get to meet new people too~
This year I tagged along with Karameru! We don't get to hang out much so I was super excited! She also cosplayed with me as Watanuki Banryu (InuxBoku SS) so it's our first couple cosplay too hoho♥

We met up on the train and got a little turned around in downtown Toronto, but we eventually made it to the ferry docks. It was around noon when we got to the island, however there were the dragon boat races going on that day too so lines were long getting on the ferry. We didn't really miss anything :)

We basically hung around until Karameru's friends caught up to us -- we had gotten separated before going onto the ferry -- so we just met up with other cosplayers we knew until then.

I also got to see Genie again~! She's a part of MOETRON as well, although she wasn't cosplaying that day. Instead she took photos with us along with our buddy Thomas and the Ririchiyo cosplayer (Ansa) that joined us later on!

Here are some photos! :D

Someone made Totoro cookies ;w;♥

And of course some instagram shots >:D

I had so much fun that day! I want to try wearing Karuta Roromiya's school uniform sometime (I cosplayer her SS version above)! The design is so cute :D And another thing that made that day special was that this cute Sheryl Nome (is this how you spell it?) came up to me and recognized me as Sami from MOETRON ;w;♥ It seriously made my day! She is such a sweet girl~

That's it for now I'm afraid! There might be more photos in the future (I know I still have some editing to do lol)


  1. CUTE KARUTAA!! Lovely pics!

  2. Ooooh you're such a cute Karuta!!! Good job ♥♥♥ I wish I could pull off cute girls...but I feel like I'm too tall D:
    That Ririchiyo is also looking better than the one I spotted last week...! And your Tanuki is above cute haha ♥

  3. Hehehe I was the Sheryl Nome
    You were a great Roromiya and I was happy I could meet you ◕‿◕
    It really made MY day ^^

    1. Hurray! Honestly you made that my day that much brighter haha. Let's see each other again sometime!! :D♥

    2. Tehehehe ◕‿◕
      Hopefully I can find you again at the August Picnic!~ (Assuming that you go >.< )