Friday, 8 June 2012

Topbox June 2012 Review

Another subscription beauty service for you! This time it's Topbox! I got it in the mail just yesterday, so I haven't tried out all the products yet. This will mostly be my first impressions.

How it came in the mail. Very discreet, but unique packaging. It also felt very secure in my hands so I knew nothing broke. Very happy with this since nothing would be worse if they shipped me something that I really liked, but it broke in the mail!!

I ordered the 100% recyclable packaging.. but you can choose the regular packaging if you wish!

Ohhhh, bonus!

The spread ♥

From left to right (clockwise): 
Garnier BB cream
Simple eye makeup remover
deborah lippmann "Whatever LaLa Wants" nail polish
Clear Prep FX foundation primer
Mark gloss gorgeous lip stain in "Pop Splendide"
stila Forever Your Curl Mascara

Name: deborah lipmann "What LaLa Wants"
Retail: 15mL ($20)
What I got: Full size!

My first deborah lipmann nail polish! I'm super excited cause I really like this colour (*´艸`*)

Name: stila Forever Your Curl mascara
Retail: $29
What I got: A deluxe sample size!

I've heard about stila but never actually bought anything from them! I wonder if their mascara is any good?

Name: Cover FX ClearPrep FX foundation primer
Retail: $39 (30mL)
What I got: 7mL

I've never used a face primer before, so this is a nice surprise! They're usually expensive. I just hope it doesn't irritate my skin! Apparently it also doesn't have parabens, oil or fragrance either, which is nice.

Name: mark. Gloss Gorgeous Stay on Lip Stain in "pop"
Retail: $12 (1.5g)
What I got: A full size!

I'm not usually a fan of lip stains OR brush tips... but I'm willing to give this one a shot I guess? Apparently this item was personalized based on the survey you filled out on the topbox website.


I'm interested to try this out! I have sensitive eyes and skin, so I'm curious about this.. good size too! Maybe even full size?

There's always one disappointment.. I've already tried these samples (it's the Western BB cream by Garnier :O). To be honest all I can remember is not being impressed by it. This is bad since you want it to stick in your memory so you'll look for it on the shelf. I think it was just 'meh' for me... Oh well, someone's gotta use these samples. :9

 Overall I was really happy with what I got! Definitely a nicer experience than luxe box for me. There were things I hadn't heard of, or had wanted to try (not to mention some pricey items!) I would definitely try them out if you're interested in these subscription services! I'm debating trying them out again huhu~

Tata for now~

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  1. Great review! The items you got seem very nice! I've been on the waiting list for the TopBox since May (I think?), but so far I tried the Luxebox and Glossybox and wasn't that impressed either :S