Friday, 15 February 2013

GEO Princess Mimi Macchiato Brown Review recently gave me a pair of the Princess Mimi Macchiato lenses to review!* I've always enjoyed their service and frequently visit there to purchase my lenses. I've never had a problem with their website and they offer a great selection of colours and styles of lenses to choose from!

GEO is a well known lens brand and are widely available on the web. Actually, the nude series was the first I tried. I also hear that they're considered to be more comfortable to wear than certain other brands. The bottles you get containing your lenses should have the GEO sticker on it to prove its authenticity.

The Macchiato lenses are very popular, along with the Latte style that also comes in the Princess Mimi series. The Macchiato seem to be a deeper brown though, whereas the Latte ones lighten up already brown eyes. Because the Latte ones seemed a little more orange, I decided to go with the Macchiato for a true brown look.

The lenses have a very pretty swirl and speckled effect with a darker ring around the outside. The design is meant to gradually lead into your real eye colour and would look beautiful on brown eyes. The spots remind me of watermelon seeds or spots on a wild cat!
As you can see, my blue eyes certainly show in the middle, but the actual coloured part is pretty opaque.

From a distance my eyes certainly look much darker and larger! And my god, these lenses are COMFORTABLE! I always get a little discomfort when I first put lenses in, though that's because I naturally have dry and sensitive eyes. A few minutes though and I could hardly notice them!

Comfort is 5/5 (sooooo gooooood)
Design is 5/5 (unique with a semi-natural twist)
Enlargement is 5/5 (a notable difference!)
I would definitely recommend these! You can purchase them here if you're interested. You can also use coupon code 'domineau' at checkout for extra free goodies!

*The opinions expressed in this post are my own and not influenced by the sponsor.

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