Monday, 27 August 2012

ROM with the family

Hi everyone! A daily post for you today!

Recently I went to the ROM in Toronto with my family to see the new dinosaur exhibit! I took my camera with me in case there were good photo opportunities although I accidentally lost them all afterwards haha;;

The dino exhibit was really dark, so it was hard to take proper photos, but they had some interesting lighting that I wanted to take advantage of! Overall, they were really impressive! From tiny ones to the large ones.. they were all different shapes and sizes! It was neat being so close to them too... you were close enough to touch (although you really shouldn't)!

After we walked through the other, regular, exhibits.. like China, Japan, Mammals and things like that! I think I like the animal ones the most, although I felt uneasy since I imagine they were stuffed :< I really love animals haha;;

I also visited the Egyptian exhibit (I remember this from when I was a little kid) and had the same creepy feeling as I did then. I didn't take photos for this one as there were actual mummies in there and it felt disrespectful. :/ I've never liked that one...

We also visited the gift shop and I made the BEST PURCHASE EVER! It's a dinosaur hat (I wore it to FanExpo)!!

I had a lot of fun that day.. I kept creeping my brother since he's cute when he makes weird faces XD;;

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