Saturday, 4 August 2012

Otakon Con Report Day 1: Friday

Friday was probably our busiest day surprisingly! We had two cosplays planned; Synchronicity and Matryoshka! I've never planned two cosplays in a day before.. it felt pretty fancy! (I usually only have maybe two cosplays with me for a weekend just because I'm not made of money ohoho)

Matryoshka was a decision made, literally, four days before leaving. Luckily it wasn't so difficult and we got SUPER lucky at Value Village! I also had some things I could use in my closet, I just wish my old old old Miku wig was nicer. I'm seriously considering getting a new one because Miku seems to crop up every once in a while with me.. bah.

So we changed into Synchronicity (I was Rin, Sachie was Meiko) and then I went down early to help Genie set up in the artist alley. I tried out a different eyeliner technique that I think really made my eyes pop!

We basically bummed around the convention most of the day, although I bought an AWESOME Elsie figure in the dealer's room! Otakon's dealer's room is gigantic! Waaaaay bigger than what I've seen at Canadian conventions! I was so happy to see a greater variety of figures there too, as I feel there are so many repeats with vendors at Canadian events. I think I got one of the only Elsie figures there too, as I didn't see any others around huhu!!

WE ALSO HAD PHOTOSHOOTS WITH ANNA FISCHER!! So cooool~~ I felt pretty shy while meeting her, but she was really sweet with us! I felt so pretty while shooting with her too haha~~ I hope I get to see her again in the future since her and Phil are great people and work lovely as a team!

While back in the dealer's room we also bumped into CourtoonXIII and Solo-dono! :D I had seen their pictures online, and Courtoon's videos before so it was really exciting to get to know them over the course of the convention! We set a time to meetup and then headed back to change into Matryoshka.

The Matryoshka shoot has mixed feelings for me! On the one side I was SO PSYCHED because of the super cute girls I was shooting with! On the other hand, I had been nearing the 9 hour mark with my lenses and they were starting to really bug me! Halfway through the shoot my vision became so blurry that I couldn't really see much of anything and had to take them out. Because I kept mentioning it too I was worried that Courtoon and Solo would get a negative impression of me as well! Luckily they're such sweet ladies and (hopefully) didn't think much of it..!

(CourtoonXIII decided to take a walk at this moment :<)
We then had another photoshoot with a different photographer after Courtoon finished her business with Ackson and Dejavudea. I think that song is stuck in my head now. We took some more silly photos and then said our goodbyes for the day!

I can't remember much else.. but I feel this covers most (if not all!) of the day's major events. Like I said, this was our busiest day I feel!!

There'll be more photos available on my Facebook page eventually!

There's some videos up on our YouTube channel recapping Friday's events:


  1. Matryoshka!! :D
    And don't worry, nobody will ever look down on you if you can't see because of lenses. Your eyes are such a pretty color anyway! :D

  2. OMG! I remember seeing you guys there! I loved your cosplays so much! They looked awesome!