Sunday, 11 September 2011

birthdays all around!

Hi everyone! Another daily post for you!

So this weekend was a little busy because it was both my mom's and dad's birthdays! Sorry that there aren't many pictures

On Friday, my dad and nana came to pick me up from school. Dad insisted that we take a picture in front of the manor at my school before the leaves fall off the trees in autumn. I have classes in there sometimes, and I've heard that it was in the first X-men movie (as the front of Prof X's academy I think? I have yet to check lol Photobucket). The campus in general has been featured in many TV dramas..

Afterwards we went to a restaurant down the street, had a cup of tea and chatted with nana who I haven't seen in a while.. it was nice!

Then we ran some errands after driving nana home and took my dog Bosley out for a long walk.. I swear if my dog turned into a man I would marry him..! Is that weird? LOLPhotobucket

Saturday was uneventful.. marathoned some Doctor Who with my mom who I've recently converted (ohohoho~!). I'm making her watch season 5 so she stops asking questions when we watch the newest season together lol

Today (Sunday) was my mom's birthday! (Also the 9/11 tragedy in America..) She was really cute because she couldn't wait until night to have her cake!Photobucket (Do you have your cake at night too?? It seems right to have it after dinner haha) Uhmm, we exchanged presents and I left to go back to residence. It's expensive to be traveling back and forth too often.. so I'm afraid I won't be able to make the trip often if my parents aren't able to drive me.. (to be honest, I'm fine here as well.. I'm saying in case of doctor appointments like the one I have in a couple of weeks).

We were all in Sunday clothes.. haha..
It's also tradition for us to make a wish not only when blowing the candle out, but also when making the first cut in the cake! Do you do this as well? Maybe it's my parents' desire for more wishes lol

I ate too much, my stomach hurt afterward ;A;

Until next time!

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