Sunday, 23 February 2014

Katsucon Figure Gets

So recently I've been leaning towards collecting smaller figures. Not only can I fit more in my suitcase for the journey home, but it also feels as if I've purchased more for less money. You can definitely go super cheap, and cheap quality, but in general the smaller figures are just as nice as some of the larger ones. It all depends on which way you want to go. I did a quick sweep of the dealer's room at Katsucon this year but only had a little cash so I had to pick and choose what I decided to get. So there are only a couple this time around but I think they're cute additions to my collection!

The first one I got is from a series called Natsume Yuujinchou (or Natsume's Book of Friends). It's one of my favourite series and I highly recommend it! The character portrayed here is Nyanko-sensei, or Madara when in his real form. He likes to eat.. and is a super pudgy cat. Need I say more?

The figure is produced by Banpresto and is the largest of my purchases this time around.

I was surprised by the level of detail and the series has three other figures you can collect featuring this character.

I saw this Shirahoshi (One Piece) figure and sort of hesitated to buy it. I've been eyeing her figures for a while since I really like her design, but I don't know enough about One Piece to justify buying a larger scale. In fact I saw this exact same pose going for the regular price, and while it was very beautiful I eventually settled for the much smaller and cheaper version. I finally have the giant (tiny) mermaid on my shelf!

I liked the transition from opaque to transparency in her hair and tail. I thought it was a nice touch to an otherwise cheaply made figure. The only thing I have to settle with is the very crude shading around her breasts. Overall though the paint and detail is still very nice.

As you know I'm a sucker for interesting bases. From what I've seen most versions of this pose doesn't feature the ring but instead a rocky base (far less interesting to me).

So a while back I bought my boyfriend one of those mystery mini figures. You see all the various things you can get and then open a random figure. It actually started my appreciation of mini figures because a) they were surprisingly well-made, and b) I liked the surprise of which one you get! Just make sure you like the majority of the figures or else you'll be more likely to get disappointed with the one you're settled with. For me, Monster Hunter is a super safe choice because I'll probably love anything that comes in that tiny box!

While I couldn't find the exact series I got my boyfriend, I did spy this set at a table and decided to pick one up! I like his cute angry expression, but I was secretly hoping for the watermelon piggy you could get...! His head actually moves around like a little bobble head, but seems to be more secure because the head remains upright rather than slanted like most bobble-heads get.

I really like these little guys! I think I'll stay on the lookout for more when I go to cons!


  1. All so sweet!! I haven't been to a con for a while now, I'd love to get my hands on more doujinshi, i'm not a collector of figurines but I do admire *0*

    恵美より ♥