Sunday, 21 August 2011

Craziness......... @A@

Ughh I'm in so much pain right now.... I know it'll be worth it though lol

I'VE BEEN WORKING ON STRENGTH!Photobucket That's why I've been quiet. Please forgive ;w;
This will be a rather quick post (I hope) since Sachie just left and I'm really sore right now from being in awkward positions all day.

Anyways I think I've already dropped..... well... at least over 100$ on this project. actually... probably 150$
Which I don't mind if it turns out well!

I won't tell you much of the progress, because ALL of the MOETRON girls (including myself) put a lot of time and work into this.Photobucket It wouldn't be fair to reveal all the things we did, in order to keep some of the pride just for ourselves. :3


You can expect more picture when it's closer to completion! I can't believe how much sanding this took... I don't own a saw or a sander... so all of the pieces were sanded by hand by us (mostly me, Carmen and JenniePhotobucket) a lot of the planning was lead by Sachie and Jean, but it was a team effort from all of us!Photobucket I feel very lucky to have such friends who would travel from a couple cities over to help me with a project. ;w;PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

It was my first time making a prop, so it's very exciting!

Those pictures were from a couple of weekends ago. Today Sachie came over to my house again to work on the arms with me. I think I can safely say that they're about 75% finished.Photobucket As it stands now, my outfit is 10% and the wig is 100% finished. So... I feel confident that I'll be ready by FanExpo this year. (I better... I'm getting death threats from Sachie LOL)

I feel bad that I'm not giving you any progress picture though... so I'll offer you my latest upload to MOETRONcos' YouTube! (It's about how to cut a wig!Photobucket)

Until next time!



  2. ^lol Sachie mosaic blur will make it worse!!!

    POST A PIC OF YOUR FINISHED WIG, PLZ! <3 I can't wait to see all of us together for this!