Sunday, 31 July 2011

Checkup on daily life.

Hey guys, just doing the odd checkin to let you know where I am in life right now...!

I was a bit out-of-commission because last Thursday I had my wisdom teeth removed.Photobucket The procedure itself was alright. I was really nervous because I'm not good with needles and I have a fear of surgeries, so when it was time to put me under I think I gave the doctors a bit of trouble from all of my shameful panicking.Photobucket I think I actually fainted when they started the anesthesia just because I've heard it takes longer to fall asleep then the time it took my to go.Photobucket He started the stuff and then BAM I was gone lol...

The worst thing hasn't been the actual pain, but not being able to eat the foods that I want to.. Photobucket Since for the first day you can't feel a thing since the anesthesia is still in effect. Then you're on some wicked pain medication so it doesn't hurt for much after that except in the mornings when you wake up. Even though it's been a week, I still ice my cheeks so I don't have much swelling, although I'm starting to bruise..Photobucket

Other than that there hasn't been much going on!

Next week I'll be working with my lovely MOETRON girls to work on my STRENGTH cosplay for FanExpo 2011. It's going to be wicked, so please look forward to it!Photobucket

And the other thing is I went to go see Captain America last night.Photobucket The movie itself was ok, but I'm glad I went to see it just for the spoiler Marvel movies always show at the end..... soooooo excited for May 2012!Photobucket

And that's all!
Until next time!